1984 Has Arrived In 2019

Dear Editor,

George Orwell was off by only 35 years. For those that don’t understand that reference I encourage you to read 1984.  When you do and look at what is going on in America today, if you don’t get a shiver down your spine you either don’t care or cannot see the forest for the trees.

The MSM and their mindless, brain dead drones and sycophants should be very proud of themselves. They’ve succeeded in reaching a new low in their drive to tear this country apart by destroying the lives of innocent children. The tools of the liberal, socialist democrat left have shed their thin disguise of “journalism” and “objectivity” and shown their true colors. They have shown they are now ready to blindly run over anyone they can to achieve their objective of turning America into a socialist third world country.

The likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the other social media platforms are just as guilty directly and indirectly. They stood by and said and did nothing to take some level of responsibility for all this. And I’m not excluding the people themselves that are responsible for the lies and half-truths they intentionally put out, chief among them Mr. Nathan Phillips. His version of what happen has changed repeatedly depending on who he was talking to at the time. I won’t go into the stolen valor aspect.

The socialist left is screaming with glee at this incident as well as the border situation and events like it. This has been their goal…to burrow from within, get their mouthpieces into positions of power and then spread the rot thru their partners the MSM and social media. They got control of the education system years ago and have put that to good use creating more uneducated followers that soak up their lies, that believe them when they say “without us you will never be able to accomplish anything. The hive mind is good. Individuality is bad. Anyone who thinks for themselves is dangerous and not to be believed. Let us take care of you.”

I used to think a Second American Revolution was in the works. Now I’m starting to believe it will be a Second Civil War. While slavery was a small part of the first one, cultural differences was a good part of it.

Go Galt and Save the Republic

Alan Marshall


Boys Will Be Boys And Social Re-engineering   

Dear Editor,

The list of phrases labeled as triggers is increasing. One phrase inparticular reflects hypocrisy, stereotyping, and absurdity behind the characterizations.

The term “boys will be boys” is currently portrayed as synonymous with violence, sexual assault, and discrimination.  An author recently used the term negatively as in a “boys will be boys culture” that encourages sexism,violence, racism, and lack of help seeking.

I understand why a victim of a violence being met with “boys will be boys” signals lack of concern.  There is no excuse for violence or oppression. However, we shouldn’t demonize an entire group of individuals due to high profile sensational incidents.  We shouldn’t label phrases as having evil intent for being used inappropriately for the situation.

Rigid societal norms, impossible to achieve, can increase depression which increases acting out.  It is ironic that many individuals claim a “boys willbe boys” attitude creates restrictive environments reducing self-expression. The reality is this phrase is most often used to provide supportive environments for personal exploration.  It is used to shield boys fromadults enforcing intolerant social norms.  As an example, if a family friend complains about a boy’s clothing, the father might respond, “That’s what hechose, boys will be boys.”  A neighbor angry about a boy exploring the stream on his property may receive a similar response. This phrases use iscompletely opposite of rigid fundamental indoctrination.  It encourages socialization free of adult ideology while broadening horizons within safe confides.  Incorrect characterization of this phrase demonstrates complete lack of understanding of other perspectives.  This is not mere thoughtlessness.  It intellectualization of a stereotype.

The same author complained that teaching boy’s self-reliance/independence reduces health seeking behavior.  It does not. It teaches children that inthe end, they are ultimately responsible for their actions, happiness, andrelationships. Being ultimately responsible does not mean isolated.  It includes responsibility for ignoring others help. In the end, there is not a rule book for every situation.  There are far too many wolves in sheepclothing waiting to lead followers down dangerous paths based on feigned good intentions.  We should teach independent thought, judgment skills, andpersonal accountability.

These authors’ real intentions are to pathologize differing perspectives and  promote liberal social ideology as the only healthy alternative.  It is not.  Socially liberal enculturation has its own set of negative consequences too.

Alan Burke