Election Integrity Is Not Voter Suppression

Dear Editor,

I am tired of liberals gaslighting the rest of the country to get their recent stupid bill passed. They began by calling it a Voting Rights Bill when it is actually a Voting Rules Change Bill.

US Rep. Maxine Waters claims opponents “don’t care about minorities, blacks or people in their own districts who they are going to deny their voting rights.”

Yesterday, a descendant of MLK claimed it is a continuation of white supremacy in this nation if the voting bill is not passed. Last summer, Biden claimed Georgia is now Jim Crow on steroids when in fact they only went back to their normal pre-Chinese virus voting procedures. Georgia was never challenged before now, but last week Biden said we are aligned with hardcore racists if we oppose his radical voting change legislation. (Never mind the fact that his own state of Delaware has more restrictive laws!) Speaker of the House Pelosi says if we don’t federalize elections then our democracy is lost and it would bring tears to the eyes of MLK, Washington and Jefferson.

Gaslighting continues as the Dems sow doubt about voting rights when they haven’t shown any evidence any American being denied the right to vote.

Citizens can now vote easier than ever. You can register easily, some states automatically register when issuing a driver’s license. Extended hours and days are offered as well. We have voting ease and rights but there is an urgent need for voting security. Wanting election integrity is not the same as promoting voter suppression.

With some Dems, if it’s not gaslighting, it’s nonsense, as evident in this word salad from our vice president when recently asked about the administration’s COVID actions: “It is time for us to be doing what we have been doing and that time is every day.”

Lynn Henson


Enforce Mask Mandate

Dear Editor,

Please understand, a mandate is doing nothing without enforcement.

Those that have been wearing masks all along will remain wearing them with or without a mandate. Those who care nothing about themselves or others will continue to not wear them without enforcement.

Please help us stop the virus and make an enforcement plan. Stop thinking people will do the right thing because people will not! Please stop spinning your wheels and help Guilford County get our numbers down. You would be very surprised how much help you could be getting from your citizens through videos, car tag info, store info, etc., if you would just provide enforcement. Implementing fines won’t help unless you have officers to ticket these people. All stores should be charged a very hefty fine by even providing service to anyone who is not in compliance with the mandate.  

Bekki Brown