More Political Parties, Please

Dear Editor,

Show of hands…who has had it with the dysfunctional two party dominance that has corrupted our system of government?

The power to decide who is going to represent you on the federal level rests with the RNC and the DNC 98 percent of the time. If you do not have the blessing of one of these organizations, if you don’t kowtow to their way of thinking and acting, your chances of making it are greatly, greatly diminished. They control huge sums of money that are used to affect the outcome of what are supposed to be elections on a local level that are supposed to be about you and what affects your part of this great nation.

How many times have you seen stories about how large sums of money are spent by outside forces to try to affect the election of your House representative? In essence they are buying that vote. And even if, on the slim chance, that independent thinker, that person that wants to truly be a representative of the people gets elected and goes to Washington they find themselves trapped and for the most part powerless to do anything unless they don the strings of partisanship and dance to the tune of the RNC/DNC puppet masters.

And don’t even think about trying to start a third or even fourth party. Those in power set the rules and are able to squash that by setting nearly impossible standards that would allow another party to even participate in what is supposed to be the free and fair election of what is supposed to be representatives of the people.

People laugh at the multi-party system in Great Brittan. But think about this. In order to get something done they have to form collations of those multiple parties, which means those small groups hold the power to affect the outcome. And they can use that power to accomplish the will of those that actually elected them. It also brings the power closer to the represented. Add to this the repeal of the 17thAmendment and you would be putting control back to a more local level where the Founding Fathers originally wanted it to be.

Some would say this would result in chaos in the government.

Really? What do you call it now?

The Constitution Party has a nice ring to it.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall


I Miss You

Dear Editor,

I can’t tell you how upset and sad I am about the demise of the. “Rhino Times” newspaper!!!!   It is so sad for Greensboro after all these years and is greatly missed.  I am afraid I will never read it on line and I know I’m not alone! I will (and do) miss you.

Mary Lou Garlock