Heart Warmed By Democratic Attacks On Each Other

Dear Editor,

As a Conservative Constitutionalist Republican it warms my capitalist heart to watch the (National Socialist) Democrat Party publicly eating its own…savagely, I might add. Not only are the candidates beginning to attack each other more viciously, but their Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism graduates in the MSM are beginning to attack their own base implying they are racist for not supporting black candidates and sexist for not supporting female candidates. As soon as Buttigieg goes down in flames they will be called homophobic as well. Get more popcorn because the games are only beginning.

Watch our neighbor to the north, Virginia. With a slate of anti-gun legislation waiting in the wings and a huge number of local communities and municipalities giving Richmond the middle finger salute with one hand while holding their firearms in the other and their Bibles in the crook of their arms it’s going to get real interesting. You have to know that other (National Socialist) Democrat Party run legislatures are watching closely to see what happens. The scariest part of all this is not so much that they are trying to take guns away from citizens, but that there are loud voices among them calling for the use of the National Guard to enforce their will on those that have openly said they stand on their God given right as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States “…to keep and bear arms…”. The progressive, socialist, leftists can’t stand that their ‘sanctuary city’ concept has been turned on them to the advantage of right thinking true Americans. My belief is they are holding a match one inch from a fuse they will not be able to stop if lit. Stay tuned.

It appears the Wicked Witch of the West realizes now that she royally screwed up trying to force the Senate to play by her rules. They need to make this south end of a north bound horse be the one having to walk the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate with a group of people walking behind her giving her the donkey laugh all the way.

RNC, please take off the gloves now! Do not let the ‘rats get the initiative. Go after them, knock them down and keep them there. No Quarter…No Mercy!

Donald Trump…Impeached in 2019, Reelected in 2020!

Go Galt and Save the Republic

Alan Marshall



Political Correctness Of Tar Heel Questioned

Dear Editor,

I wonder if all the people that are complaining about the Confederate Soldier statues, particularly “silent Sam” on the UNC Chapel Hill campus, realize where the nickname “Tar Heel” came from. As I understand it, during the Civil War a Confederate general noted that during battle the troops from North Carolina were so tenacious in holding ground that he said they must have tar on their heels. Thus the nickname was given to the North Carolina troops. Silent Sam and other monuments of Confederate soldiers are representative of those troops. Yet, the people who are so adamant about removing the statues, especially NC Chapel Hill students, have no problem calling themselves Tar Heels?

Herbert A. Smith