Democrat Politburo Wants To Round Up Republicans

Dear Editor,

American cities were burning. American citizens were being terrorized in their homes and businesses. American citizens were being murdered in the streets. Anarchists and seditionists were freely running rampant through American streets. Anarchists and seditionists were openly calling for establishing “autonomous zones”, independent of American law and control.

And the lords and ladies, aka “elected representatives” of the House and Senate, sat and watched, going, “tsk, tsk, isn’t that a shame. Let’s go to lunch.”

But watch out when those that they look upon as their subjects, not their constituents, become so enraged and frustrated by not just a lack of action, but what appears to be encouragement by ignoring what’s happening, become so frustrated that they give those same lords and ladies a small taste of what they have had to endure.

I am not justifying what happened. It was foolish and harmful to the cause. But nobody is questioning the rapid, over-the-top reaction. Do some people need to be held accountable? Yes! Are the proposed penalties proportional to what happened? No! Is this reaction more fuel on the fire? Absolutely!

Where was this level of law enforcement when the average American, known to the lords and ladies as peons, were being threatened and terrorized?

When businesses, the sole source of living for many, many Americans were being looted and burned?

When American citizens were shot down while trying to defend that way of life with no consequences.

The (National Socialist) Democrat politburo has now taken advantage of this to not only demonize, but to place the equivalent of a yellow Star of David on real Republicans, not RINOs, and true American conservatives. Their lackeys and sycophants want them fired, wanting them blacklisted, wanting their businesses boycotted and/or shut down. They are advocating having them rounded up. When and where in history have we heard this kind of thing taking place and what was the result?

The (National Socialist) Democrat politburo is using the term “domestic terrorism” every time they talk about what happen. Why are they not using the same language for what happened in American cities during the past year? It was no different to what happened at the Capitol, except it directly affected them. They saw and experienced firsthand what happened in American cities and what law-abiding Americans endured. They didn’t care until it came to their front door.

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Alan Marshall