Rallies In All 50 States

Dear Editor,

There is an old saying, “all politics are local,” and when it comes to election laws and their enforcement that is absolutely true. While it was important to have the rally in DC to show national support for free and fair elections, to be really effective there needs to be 50 individual rallies in 50 individual state capitals to not only make the needed changes but to also make sure the laws are respected and enforced. Elections are done at the local level, so that’s where the pressure needs to be applied. It is local politicians that have the power to change and enforce. The only thing the Congress does is rubberstamp what the states sends it.

We devolved from an election day to an election week to now election months. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party, in their usual low key, death-by-a-thousand-cuts tactics has created this morass, which they engineered. We need to have marches on the state capitals demanding election reform and enforcement of election laws. If the ‘rats want to use the courts to defeat or defang voter ID laws, which need to be passed and enforced, then we should be pushing for state constitutional amendments to make them law, thus doing and end run around the activist judges who are and act as lackeys for (National Socialist) Democrat politburo.

I’m not saying the state capital buildings should be invaded like what happened in DC. But if they were surrounded, and I mean surrounded, by huge vocal groups of protestors making their positions known to these local lawmakers as they are coming and going. And again I’m not saying to get physical but get in their ear, make sure they hear and see, in an obvious way, the feelings of the people it might, might have the desired effect.

Always remember, the one thing these “elected representatives” fear is the voting public. If they don’t fear the voter then they don’t care about the voter. And if they don’t care about the voter they are no longer “elected representatives,” they are the privileged lords and ladies that rule over their peons, i.e. us.

So in the words of the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo, “Sheeple of the nation unite, you have nothing to lose but…well, everything you’ve worked hard for.”

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God save the Republic.


Alan Marshall