A Prayer For Direction And Comfort

Dear Editor,

 In these difficult and challenging times, I offer the following prayer as direction and comfort:

God, you have done so much for us and we are thankful for that.

You stand by us even when stray; when we are insensitive; and when we ignore your help and guidance and turn our backs on you.  Thank you for the blessing of patience and resilience you show toward us.

And when we blunder along and arrogantly think that we have all the answers, you do not abandon us.  And when we think that our truth and opinions are the only correct ones, you continue to love us unconditionally in our foolish ways.

We look for and desperately need your intervention and help to realize that as people of faith and citizens, we need to spend our days with open hearts and minds in order to learn the truth, not in ourselves but in others and especially in you.

And, finally, we ask your guidance to help to remember that everything hinges on love and that the mission of us all is to bear witness to your love in the world to ease the pain of those who struggle, who are lonely and who are powerless.

Bob Kollar