Comments On Cartoons

Dear Editor,

A couple of interesting political cartoons were recently published by WRAL on their website.

The subject was Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a man I know well and admire. In one he is depicted as an elephant wearing KKK robes labeled “GOP Members State School Board.” The other is Lt. Gov. Robinson at a podium saying, “Regardless of the color of their skin, we need to teach our children standards that are going to allow them to be encouraged to be North Carolinians and Americans.” One of the two people standing to the side is labeled WRAL and is saying, “Sounds like KKK.” By the way, if you didn’t already know, Lt. Gov. Robinson is a black Republican and obviously perceived as a big threat to the “tolerant, open minded left.”

We all know that if the political roles were reversed and someone on the right did this there would be howling mobs in the streets calling for every conservative and Republican head in the city along with demands anybody with an R after their name resign immediately because we cannot and will not tolerate racists in our government.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Mark for a few years and admire him very much for his intelligence, wit, knowledge and most of all his tough skin approach. With Mark, you know exactly where you stand and what he thinks.

That the propaganda organs of the left are attacking him the way they are is not surprising. They recognize Mark as strong threat to everything they want to do to this country and its values.

I feel confident in saying that they, the leftist, socialist types in Raleigh, know the Force is strong in this one and needs to be controlled. All I can say to that is good luck. And I am more than quite sure that the one thing they fear more than anything, and they have a really good reason to, is if and when Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson becomes Gov. Mark Robinson.

Again, Mark is a very serious threat to them and you are going to see a level of vitriol directed at him on every level in order to try to neutralize him.

To Mark: Tou go guy! And for what it’s worth, I’ve got your six as I need to go.

Alan Marshall