The March Continues

Dear Editor,

The Imperial Edicts, aka EOs, just keep coming. And you aren’t hearing squat from either chamber of Congress, with a couple of exceptions, because they’re letting their puppet take all the heat. And who can blame them. His actions allow them to operate under the radar, in the shadows, a place they love and thrive in.

Two Democrats, not (National Socialist) Democrats, but real Democrats, have shown an amazing level of intestinal fortitude and openness about what they believe and are willing to fight for. And as a result, they’ve become public enemy No. 1 to the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo. They have unleashed their attack dog, AOC, on them, and she’s dedicating resources towards eliminating them as obstructions in the march towards their ultimate goal of national socialism.

These two individuals are executing the duties and responsibilities of the positions they were elected to, those being to represent the interests of the people that put them there, one representing the people directly and the other representing the interests of their state. In the case of Sen. Joe Minchin, he holds a major card in the game in that his vote will decide if or if not the filibuster option survives. That is the only thing holding back a complete takeover by the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo of both chambers of Congress.

As I’ve said earlier, the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo have the next two years to solidify their power over the American people. And having the mainstream media running interference for them is going to make it a little easier. People are going to have to watch very carefully for the small, subtle steps they take to make sure they retain what they have managed to steal. They currently have control, albeit tenuous, of the executive and legislative branches. The only thing between them and us is the judicial, and they are working on that. Don’t think they’ve given up on the idea of packing the Supreme Court, and there are reports of a plan to try to dilute the appointments made to the federal courts by President Trump.

We must pay attention to what’s happening, not just on the surface in high profile actions but also watch what they are doing below the surface. We must identify the RINOs and the “conservatives” that are not working for the people but for their special interest handlers and their own interests.

Alan Marshall