An Abomination

Dear Editor,

Josef Mengele is alive and has found a home in the Democrat party. And three “Republicans,” Murkowski, Cramer, and Scott, (throw them out of the party) sided with the wannabe Nationalist Socialist party by silence. They are as guilty of condoning infanticide as the spineless scum that voted this bill down. Real conservative Americans should be in the streets burning these maggots in effigy for showing their true colors and advocating approval of the murdering of innocent life.

And don’t try to use the “women’s reproductive rights” or “woman’s right to an abortion” crap to defend them. The child survived your act of attempted murder and is therefore entitled to whatever it takes to keep it alive. Look me in the eyes and tell me you have the right to butcher that child just because that was your original objective while it was in the womb.

This and the bill that was passed into law by the Vermont legislature which effectively removes any, any restrictions on abortion is an abomination in the eyes of God. There is a special place in the absolute worst part of hell for all who have supported this. The United States, as a major influence and example in the world, is circling the drain faster than before. And it’s because of the level of apathy and ignorance that has befallen the American society.

The GOP, and I don’t mean the high and mighty in Washington, I mean the members of the GOP who attend local and county meetings, work the polls, average people, need to rally together and make their voices one, and tell the high and mighty to quit rolling over and start fighting back using the same tactics and methods of the progressive, socialist, soulless left. Quit wringing your hands and being concerned about how it might look or if you’ll get blamed. When they punch you in the nose, kick them in the crotch.

Stop backing down. The hell with fighting fair. When someone calls you a racist, or a homophobe or a sexist, your reply should be “Look deep into my eyes and tell me if you see a little man jumping up and down screaming ‘I CARE’”.

“You see, it’s like I’ve always said…you can get more cooperation with a kind word and a two-by-four then just a kind word.”

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall


A Misleading Hatchet Job

Dear Editor,

Cohen’s testimony demonstrates two themes, pressure from the Mueller probe findings and desire to avoid guilt by association in an environment that demonizes people for policy/political disagreement.

Mr. Cohen characterized President Trump as dishonestly maintaining different financial records.  This misrepresents complexities of financial reporting. Measure and representing financial standing is difficult.  Due to opposing goals, the IRS and the SEC mandate different guidelines necessitating every company create at least two reports.  Banks and magazines require other methods to accomplish their specific needs. It may appear dishonest to individuals who do not understand this.  It is entirely legal, ethical, and required. This characterization demonstrates either lack of knowledge or purposeful misleading of the audience.

President Trump asked his lawyer to enforce FERPA educational privacy rights available to everyone.  Lawyers get hired to defend clients also known as fixing legal concerns. By this characterization everybody who hires a lawyer is dishonest for hiring a fixer.

Roger Stone telling candidate Trump of Wikileaks is not collusion.  Wikileaks advertised the planned release to multiple individuals and organizations.  They publicized the dump prior to the Access Hollywood tapes. News agencies reported the coming “October” surprise.  This is good data gathering, not collusion.

Whether Trump slept with the models or not, both said it was consensual.  Whether true or not the allegations would strain the marriage/family. Cohen felt shameful for the effects his actions had on Mrs. Trump.  This demonstrates one of the many likely intentions for the arrangement. Asking a lawyer to take care of an issue implies an expectation it is accomplished legally.  According to its site, the Trump organization is fully owned by him and his family. He did not misappropriate donations or defraud investors.

Several commentators declared that sharing polling data is evidence of collusion.  Polling data is not classified. The individual who paid for it is free to share with anybody for whatever purpose they wish.  Monmouth and other polls are easily accessible online. Polling agencies report to news agencies that have global circulation which enters the hands of foreign agents.  Sharing polling data is not evidence of collusion.

This was a rehashing of old widely reported facts reframed with subjective judgment of a once close associate.  It is politically motivated. It sets a horrible precedent.

Alan Burke