Citizen Letters And Race History

Dear Editor,

Letters from 10 citizens were published on the Opinion page of the Feb. 20, 2022 edition of a local newspaper.  Multiple letters denounced the NAACP’s demand for an apology and reparations (taxpayer money being given to blacks) and that racism is being fostered by Guilford County Schools. 

These letters criticized the NAACP as well as the neglect of the Democrat controlled school board to properly maintain and improve schools and to address the disparity in student achievement between schools with mostly white students and those with mostly black students.

The common theme was that local and county governments have failed citizens by providing only lip service to real issues while bowing to demands of woke groups that schools should teach critical race theory, our country is racist, people can self-identify as whatever sex and ancestry they choose and because you may self-identify as a descendant of a slave you are entitled to receive money from taxpayers.  All of these are wrong!

Our country is not perfect.  We’ve made mistakes in the past but to improve our future we need to learn from all of our history, including the good, bad and ugly without blaming everything on whites and demanding that whites pay reparations to select blacks for a practice that a Republican president ended almost 160 years ago. 

The 1960s civil rights laws were passed mostly by Republicans because Democrats opposedthem.  Remember it was Democrat governors who stood in the doorways of schools to keep blacks from entering.  President Clinton said a pro-segregation governor was his mentor and Joe Biden gave a eulogy for Sen. Robert Byrd who was, at one time, a supreme leader of the Ku Klux Klan?

With Democrats in charge, nothing will ever improve.  It is past time to vote for Republicans.  They will responsibly manage taxpayer money and improve the quality of education.  

Ken Orms