Don’t Forget Economy Prior To COVID-19

Dear Editor,

And the steam roller that is the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo rolls on. Joe occasionally comes out in front of a camera to try to make himself appear presidential and look like he is in charge while the real powers behind the throne continue to manipulate the levers of power.

He currently is ruling by issuing edicts in the form of executive orders and there has finally been some pushback on them but the system is sort of designed to put up as many roadblocks as possible. And now that the impeachment process has run its course, I am wondering how the “power sharing” process is going to proceed.

I say power sharing because although he is the president, watching what has been happening makes one wonder who is really in charge. Look at the situation in Texas and the manner Biden is responding to it. Also, there are reports that Kamala is doing what the president should be doing, meeting with foreign leaders and having discussions. More and more the real power holder is coming out.

Joe’s latest bit is “America is back.” Really? We’re back? I wasn’t aware we went anywhere. People need to really think about that statement. “America is back.” The man who currently holds the title of president of the United States appears to be implying that the United States has been off in the woods somewhere. What he is actually saying is “this America First nonsense is over. We’re sorry for the arrogance. We’ll get back in our place.” What world leaders are hearing is, “You tell us what you want and we’ll bend over and give it to you.”

The (National Socialist) Democrat politburo’s propaganda machine is working hard to try to make people forget that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (brought on by China) The U.S. had a 4 percent unemployment, wages rising, the economy booming, and all done thru the aggressive leadership and guidance of President Trump.

Add to this situation how the socialist, leftist, lawmakers (aka Democrats) lawmakers are like an alcoholic locked in a bar, attacking anyone who has disagreed with them in the past, an enemy of the state that needs to be at a minimum silenced, but preferably personally destroyed and even imprisoned if possible.

As Ben Franklin is reported to have said when asked, what form of government we have, “A Republic – if you can keep it.”

Alan Marshall