Paying The Price

Dear Editor,

Is Duke Energy charging an extra $14 to every customer because of the cleanup at Belews Creek that they where charged with or cleanups after storms winds or ice or snow cleanup? 

They say it’s because of the billing process for each customer.  After all these years, they’re just now realizing it, and why is it not included with the other charges like it has been all these years? 

Just like the government. You pay taxes when you purchase anything, then you have to pay property taxes on your home and vehicles for as long as you own them.  Our government is all millionaires or billionaires because of all our years of us working and supporting them. And, really, tell me, do they deserve it? And don’t forget they know the laws and know how to break them. They get away with DWI’s, prostitution, gambling, embezzlement of our money, etc., etc., etc.

I do not trust our government. Few do what they campaign to do, but I bet/know 80 percent don’t try to do what they pledge to do.  Power does despicable things to these people we vote in office.  There are cover ups everyday with our government and they are very seldom punished. From presidents all the way down to local government, to law enforcement on down.  And we the people pay the price.   

What can or will be said about that?

Dee Robinson