Guilford County Rewarding Bad Behavior

Dear Editor,

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is considering giving High Point $7 million to support the baseball stadium project.  I spoke out against this idea several years ago when the High Point council presented fake financial information to the county and then asked for $11 million.  Thankfully the Republican controlled board said no.

If you found money somewhere, call it stimulus money, would you give it to a rich man or a person who needs help?  Hopefully you would give it to the person who needs help and not the rich man who doesn’t.  

If you were a banker safeguarding the money of your customers, would you give money to someone who will pay you back or to someone who won’t?  The County Board of Commissioners knows if they give High Point $7 million, they will receive only a $1.7 million benefit in return.  What kind of banker would accept 25 cents on the dollar as repayment? 

While the Democrat controlled board is crying poor, trying to find money for children, all of a sudden and out of the blue they want to give all this money to support a baseball stadium that High Point voters overwhelmingly rejected.  In spite of the referendum results, the “brilliant” City Council said they knew better and built it anyhow.  They said it would cost $35 million but now acknowledge the true cost is almost $70 million.  It’s like the $15 million new police HQ the council is building that is going to cost $21.5 million.

If Guilford County gives High Point any money, let alone $7 million for this project, they are practicing bad government and rewarding bad behavior.  The board will be taking the hard-earned money from your family and every other family in Guilford County and flushing it down the drain.  Why would they do that?

The county should use that $7 million to support all families in Guilford County and not give it to the High Point council that didn’t ask for it, doesn’t need or deserve it.  Call, write or text the county and tell them this is a really bad idea.  If you don’t, just kiss your money goodbye – again.

Ken Orms


New Curriculum Is Racist

Dear Editor, 

Sadly, even with opposition led by Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and his many supporters, a new history curriculum was recently approved for North Carolina students and includes a major focus on race. Some lessons will incorporate critical race theory, which implies if one is white, then one is racist, no matter their individual beliefs. CRT is in itself racist!

Many schools will begin teaching “anti-racism,” which is a ridiculous term used by Ibram X. Kendi to sell books and grift school districts for thousands of dollars with his “woke training.”  (If Kendi’s idea on racism is plausible, then because I’m not a card carrying Greenpeace activist, I must be on board with killing all whales.) Other lessons will incorporate the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which falsely claims the US was founded by white men to perpetuate slavery.  These confounded theories will not help our children or society by focusing on skin color. 

I have to wonder when the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in DC will be torn down because he believed in judging people on the content of their character and their own merits.  We are doomed.

Lynn Henson



The Guilty Dog Barks First

Dear Editor,

After applying what I will refer to as deductive reasoning to what I see in critical theory and my kind of wokeness over my life, I come to the following conclusions about the use of Marxism/communism in the political saturation of the current environment.

Just as the Chinese Communist Party has provided the highly addictive and deadly drug Fentanyl to Mexican cartels for use as an additive to manufacture illegal knock off tranquilizers and pain killers for purchase  on line by Americans, the Democratic Party and the Deep State are selling Kool Aid laced with Marxism and critical theory and race designed to divide and destroy our country and to distract from their end game by accusing conservatives and anyone supporting constitutional conservative values of  anything and everything that they themselves are guilty of or complicit with.

Therefore, my wokeness comes from the aforementioned deductive reasoning. The mainstream media plays a key role in proudly promoting the broadcast of these divisive and destructive confessions. I contribute my wokeness to the understanding that the big reveal of the big reset is that accusing all white people of being inherently racist makes the accusers the actual racists.  Accusing all men of misogyny reveals those who engage it are the accusers.

Those on the left that have employed illegal campaign and election fraud have also alleged that of the opposition in 2016 and has proven to be a most glaring revelation about themselves. It also follows that the left is the complicit in the incitement and promotion of violence in the Capitol riot of Jan. 6.

Finally, we also are woke to who the real homophobes, xenophobes, haters, and dividers are because they have told us so and we have not and will not drink the Kool Aid. When your pets create a mess, remember, “the guilty dog barks first.”     

James Simmonds