Dear Editor,

Trigger warning… I’m about to go after a small group of Republicans….

In my opinion, applying the term RINO to the group of Republicans who supposedly participated in drafting that abomination that President Donald Trump reluctantly signed to avert another partial government shutdown is an insult to RINOs.

Did you people even bother to show up or did you just phone it in? If you did show up what were you doing, doodling and nodding your heads like bobble head dolls every time a Democrat made a demand? Did you even try to stand up and say no? The only ones almost as bad as you were the Republicans who actually voted for it in the final vote. Did you bother to read it first? Oh, that’s right, you went with the Pelosi playbook tactic of “you have to pass it before you can read it.” And you have to pass it now or the government will shut down again and as always, the Democrats will put the blame back on you. Never mind that if anyone with half a brain were to read this anti-American piece of garbage they would be screaming for your heads.

You are running around declaring it a “bipartisan agreement,” a term that is Democratic newspeak for “look how we screwed them over again!” In this day and age bipartisan for Democrats means “we got 95 percent of what we wanted.” Please don’t let this collection of fools negotiate a peace treaty. They would be giving away the store to try to avoid hurting the other side’s feelings for beating them. Wait a minute…

Here’s a suggestion for the next time, and there will be a next time, when they start throwing out these ridiculous demands and conditions simply get up from the table, walk to the nearest microphones (you’ll have no trouble finding them…just follow a Democrat slime trail) and repeat verbatim what the Democrats want. You might be surprised that the American people will actually see them for the progressive, socialist, Marxist, Leninist, anti-American despots that they are.

The result of this egregious waste of time is an even bigger illegal immigration problem than we had before. It’s several giant leaps backwards. The old saying of “defeat snatched from the jaws of victory” comes to mind…again.

Go Galt and save the Republic (from those who claim to represent it)

Alan Marshall