Inflation On The Way

Dear Editor

It seems that every week I get some piece of junk mail from the AARP, plus their magazine full of ads.  Life insurance, car insurance, Medicare insurance, other senior-targeted stuff.  Most all of these items can be purchased elsewhere with better terms, and at less money.  Or you can buy it at the same price yourself, without the endorsement.  The AARP doesn’t do a thing for me except to sell my name to “third parties” who, in return for kickbacks to the AARP, are allowed to use the AARP name as a “seal of approval.”  Very like the “Good Housekeeping” la-di-dah.  Their endorsement don’t give you jack.

I have been careful not to give them my phone number.  I have no idea how I would be further pestered if they had that info.  By the way, if you haven’t blocked your phone ID, do so.  But even if you have blocked your ID, a call to a toll-free number is not blocked.  Avoid using a toll-free number, get a land line number if you can find it.  I will try snail mail to opt out.

We’ve received our Care Act checks and are expecting another windfall soon.  Most are getting fastened to the government teat, so it is actually difficult for our representatives to vote against these giveaways.  If our representatives vote against it, they stand a good chance to lose their next election.  So much for two parties.  We are getting even closer to that $10,000-$12,000 guaranteed income.  With all the other welfare goodies, I’m pretty sure we are well past it.  Can I get a free phone?

Where does the money come from?  Certainly not from receipts.  Literally, they just print it, or send it electronically.  So, what’s the problem?  Have you looked at what anything costs today?  Even food, which we have plenty of, is more expensive.  My favorite burger joint is asking $5 for a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.  Such a deal.  Figure out what half a strip of bacon, one egg and a speck of cheese costs, 1 ounce of flour.  $1?  Less.  But wait!  When the $15 an hour wage bill passes, then it would cost the restaurant $150 to pay 10 people for one hour, x hours open.  What do you think your over-priced mini-biscuit will cost then?  It’s called inflation.  Runaway inflation in such countries as Weimar Germany and Venezuela destroyed everyone’s cash, savings, jobs, everything.  It’s starting here.  Now.

So much for small business, and the middle class.  Not many employees will collect $15 and hour and leave a benefit for the employer.  That is why big business will support a $15 wage.  Small businesses, like for example a Subway franchise, will see their employee costs soar.  Pretty soon, the big-box retailers will run everything, and we’ll all be wage-slaves.  Big Business + Big Media + Big Government = Big Brother.

Miller Forester



Another Legitimate Question

Dear Editor,

There is growing violence in Asian communities across the country.  There is also growing violence in non-Asian communities across the country.  Is the growing violence in Asian communities due to racism?  Or is it caused by the defund movement escalating violence?  Are Asians specifically being targeted by non-Asians? Or is growing violence spreading?  Is biased media mischaracterizing violence as racial in order to attack one political party in support of another?

Seeing these videos is heart breaking.  However, are all of these different race non-Asian perpetrators really Donald Trump supporters?  Did Trump calling COVID-19 the Chinese flu, or scientists labeling it based on geography where first identified, really cause these acts?  Or, should we hold individuals accountable for their individual violent acts?  Is it too convenient to excuse results of failed policies on racism?  It could just as easily be violence from surrounding neighborhoods spreading.  We live in a diverse society.  If violence increases, an increase in mixed race violence will likely occur.  We deserve real solutions instead of simplistic “racism” excuses.  This increases anger and division.  It increases misunderstandings.  If violence wasn’t caused by racism, addressing racism won’t reduce violence.  Biased media needs to stop rushing to judgment because it matches individual political ideology.  It could be racism or defund violence spread.  It could also be that racism is easier to act out violently due to failed defund the police policy.

We also need to stop fighting stereotypes with stereotypes.  I support Trump.  I don’t support everything he does or says.  No human is perfect.  We do not agree with everyone every time.  However, I do support labeling the virus based on geographic location.  Lyme disease is not racist just because a few stupid people might think all people who live in Lyme, Connecticut, spread Lyme disease.  The communist dictatorial government of China should be held accountable.  Many are logically concerned that renaming is politically motivated to divert attention from the source.  The vast majority logically agree that individuals of Asian race and Chinese heritage should not be attacked by stupid violent and or racist individuals.  We also should not label every individual wishing to hold the Chinese government accountable, including the president, as racist due to the acts of a few idiots.  Two wrongs are wrong.  Understanding works both ways.

Alan Burke