Reparations Will Cause Segregation

Dear Editor,

High Point should save time and money and just apologize to everyone for anything that anybody ever said or did to offend them.  Why?  Because the High Point City Council has agreed to form a commission to study past discrimination and decide how much money (reparations) will be paid to those whose ancestors may have been slaves. The payments will not go to the actual victims of slavery but will instead go to their descendants. Will the commission provide a fair and impartial review?  Not on your life.  Take a look at the council vote and who supported this commission, the members of the selection committee, the requirements to be included in the selection committee and the members of the commission.

Three of the council members who voted for the creation of this sham commission are black.  The black city manager will select two people and the NAACP will select four members.  The council members were elected because they were better candidates than their opponents and the city manager is well qualified.  (I actually hate identifying people as black, white, red, green or purple because it should be unnecessary.  I don’t care what color someone is.  I never have.  However, in this case I need to make my point about the absurd nature of the commission, its legitimacy and mission.  I apologize for using race to identify them.) 

The required qualifications to serve on the commission include people who have “education, training, activism or experience, particularly in the field of African American studies and reparatory justice.”  How can an activist or someone who already believes in reparatory justice be on a supposedly “impartial” commission when they have already made up their mind and believe white man, bad – white man must pay.  Talk about stacking the deck.  A gambler playing poker against a dealer using a marked deck of cards has a better chance of a fair outcome that the citizens of High Point who will have to pay God only knows how much money to God only knows how many people for God only knows how long. 

I was raised to believe that enslaving people has always been wrong.  My parents also taught me that the color of someone’s skin was unimportant.  I took those lessons to heart in my youth and have followed them as an adult.  However, giving taxpayer money to people because they happen to be black is wrong. 

Governments already promotes and funds women and minority owned business organizations, established race quotas in hiring, college admissions, professional sports and coaching jobs, contractor set-asides and passed laws preventing red-line housing practices.  Even toys like Barbie must be ethnically, racially and gender neutral.  In virtually every aspect of life, you must not offend anybody for any reason lest you be called a sexist, racist, homophobe or whatever.  Obviously, all this is not enough to satisfy the thirst for more money to pay for a practice that ended more than 150 years ago.  How much longer and how much more money will it take for the sins of some (but not all) of our ancestors to be paid to the heirs of slavery?

What if the next generation says they want money too?  Will they get it?  Because black and white people pay taxes, will current and future generations of taxpayers be required to pay?  Will reparation payments become just another line item on the HP budget?  What about people who lived in territories that were not part of the US during slavery.  What about people who immigrated to the US after the Emancipation Proclamation?  Do they have to pay?  Why?  How will anyone determine when enough is enough?  I say, enough is enough right now!  No reparation money to anyone and no new set asides to anyone for anything.  The longer society wastes time, energy and money trying to pay for past mistakes, the longer society will remain racially and culturally segregated.  Is that really what people want?

When tax money is paid to people because they are black, will the money come from only white taxpayers?  Since HP does not write income tax laws, will this money be taxable income according to the IRS?  How will HP determine who gets the money and how much they will receive?  Will the payments be one-time or annual payments?

Has anybody ever apologized to the Irish, Italians, Asians and Polish or every other group of people who had their turn being discriminated against when they came to America?  The answer is No.  The NAACP will say they came voluntarily while blacks were forced into slavery.  Rev. Thomas said the same thing in a letter to the editor at the High Point Enterprise some months ago. However, not all Blacks who immigrated were slaves.  I’ve got news for you folks. Slaves were viewed as valuable assets to slave owners.  Some slave owners were white but some were Black.  Jews on the other hand were viewed as being of no value and were hunted down and murdered by the millions since the beginning of time.  Have Jews demanded an apology or reparations?  No.  If Jews have moved on and prospered, why can’t blacks?  Funny how the NAACP thinks that being a live slave was and is much worse than being a murdered and dead Jew. 

Stop wasting taxpayer money paying people who were not alive 150 years ago and are not now or have ever been slaves or victims of slavery.

People from all around the world shop together at grocery stores and worship together at churches.  They live in the same neighborhoods and work together at their jobs.  Come on, people.  As my mother use to say, toughen up, buttercup.  Move on and live your life as the best person you can be using the talents you received from God and your family.  Be a good, thoughtful, and caring human being because Nobody cares about the color of your skin.  Nobody.  Be judged and identified by the person you are and not by the color of your skin.  If you are always viewed as a white or black person, you will never be viewed as the person you are and society will never evolve and progress. Dr. King wanted people to be judged by the content of the character not the color of their skin.  Why is that not good enough for you?

Ken Orms