We Never Need A Tax Increase

Dear Editor,

Tax increases in Guilford County or the City of Greensboro are pretty much never necessary.  What they all need is discernment as to where the money goes.  We are not a charitable organization and politicians need to inculcate this truth into their respective brains.  

Even worse, with businesses closing and people without jobs, how dare you even think about raising taxes.  Everyone working for the government, think “us” as the employer, are receiving a paycheck, from taxes levied upon those of us with income and even some from unemployed folks, and that is deplorable.  (Property, sales and real estate taxes don’t go away when you lose your job.)  All of you decision makers ponder this missive when the “need” for more money is perceived.  I said in a previous letter that when the schools present their budget for umpteen millions and the state, county and city agree to give said amount, within two weeks they would “discover” an overlooked need and be back with hat in hand, demanding an adjustment to the inadequate sum.

If any of you, employed by “us,” think you’re getting a bad deal, quit and take a job in the private sector and you will quickly learn that when there is not enough income for the business to function, your dilemma isn’t as simple as raising taxes.  Just sayin’.

Rich Carrera


Attacks On Two Fronts

Dear Editor,

You have to give the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo credit for effective use of time and circumstances given everything going on. They have effectively hamstrung and sown confusion within the ranks of the GOP by opening up offensives on two, possibly coordinated, fronts.

While the legislature presses on with the highly questionable impeachment action, something that cannot be ignored because of the severity of the possible outcome, Biden rolls on, forcing his views and paying off those that supported him using imperial edicts, I mean EOs, to give them what they want regardless of what it does to the country overall. And it doesn’t help that you have RINOs who see an opportunity to get their shots in. The only possible light is in the form of Joe Manchin, who is at least trying to bring reason to the madness. We have yet to see how that will shake out and if Sen. Manchin will hold his ground. Stay tuned.

Will President Trump be convicted? I don’t think so. I don’t believe the numbers are there. What you can expect is after this ploy fails, the ‘rats and their RINO allies will begin looking for another way to keep him from running again. They won’t openly admit to it, but President Trump is the biggest threat to them in 2024, at least for now.

Was he the end all as a president? No. He said and did plenty of dumb things, I will not argue that. But when you consider that he is not a “professional politician” and was not beholden to any of the swamp creatures, which meant he could go his own way when he wanted, I dare anyone to honestly argue against how much things improved under him prior to the pandemic. I say that because it seems the only stats people want to talk about is post-pandemic numbers. I have yet to hear anyone speculate where we would be had it not been for the Chinese pandemic.

The (National Socialist) Democrat politburo and their puppet Biden are moving as fast as they can to get done as much of their destructive agenda as possible before the GOP can get their feet under them. At the same time, you know they are working behind the scenes to do whatever it takes to maintain their control of the legislature and executive branch.

We must be watchful.

Alan Marshall