Believes In Green New Deal

Dear Editor,

Climate change is here and is happening now – and as a 22-year-old college student, about to graduate and go out into the world, I am truly terrified.

I believe in the work that youth groups and other groups around this country are doing to create a greener and cleaner world for all. Working on a campaign for renewable energy in Greensboro, has really opened my eyes to the need for greener and cleaner alternatives to the resources we use and depend on each day.

I believe that a Green New Deal will keep my fellow Americans (students, newborn babies, and more) safe from climate change and will create millions of green jobs. It is a commonsense policy that is overwhelmingly popular with American people, regardless of political party or where they live.

We, as citizens of America, need this in order to continue living on this planet. I will not stop talking about this until what needs to be done has been done.

Thank you,

Ginger Mandel