Selective Editing

Dear Editor,

Did selectively edited impeachment video really prove insurrection incitement?

Biased media/politicians use two strategies to intentionally misrepresent Former President Trump.  They include selective editing and intentional misinterpretations.  Trump’s full comments after Charlottesville were selectively edited.  In December 2019, a national news agency demonstrated intentional misinterpretation in a “news” clip about the first impeachment.  A “reporter” stated that Trump was attacking Nancy Pelosi.  The video evidence that supposedly proved this point was Trump claiming the impeachment was politically motivated. Trump didn’t even mention Pelosi.  Without the misleading voiceover, Trump’s statement was completely innocent.  He simply defended himself against impeachment.  Defending yourself is now an attack on those making accusations.  We continue to see these strategies during the current impeachment.

On Tuesday, Democrat legislators used audio of Trump’s protest speech over footage of the Capitol riot.  It selectively edited out key comments.  It also interspersed biased misinterpretations.  However, the video producers were so biased, they didn’t realize the comments could be considered evidence in Trump’s favor.  In the video, Trump said he would accompany the protestors.  Trump was not in the group attacking the Capitol building.  Trump encouraged protestors to go to the Capitol – after the speech was over.  However, the footage demonstrated the Capitol breach began while Trump was speaking. 

In the video Trump encouraged protestors to encourage legislators into action.  How can these targeted legislators act, or do anything, when they are injured in or evacuated from a siege?  Legislators cannot be encouraged to act, to challenge the legitimacy of election results, during a siege.  This was a group of mostly Trump supporters acting independently against Trump’s direction as outlined in his speech.  The presented video demonstrated these individuals acted against Trump’s plans and interests as stated.

On Wednesday, another biased clip demonstrated Trump’s “vicious incitement.”  It showed Trump celebrating supporters for holding signs protesting the election irregularities.  Biased presenters want us to believe that Trump celebrating supporters incites violence.  Trump encouraged supporters to defend themselves using freedom of speech.  Trump supporters have a right to disagree with democratic politicians.  Liberal legislators are demonizing opposition voters.

Internet sites deleted Trump’s rally speech and two recorded Capitol riot response statements.  By banning and deleting unedited Trump comments, it is easier for biased actors to mislead voters.  They are not protecting society from violence.  They are making it easier for biased actors they support to misrepresent opposing perspectives.

Alan Burke