Laughing Out Loud

Dear Editor,

I have to give credit to the socialist Democrat left. They gave the loons their head and let them create a better beer and pretzel show then was presented by the Super Bowl. When I first heard the contents of the New Green Deal I thought it was an SNL skit, but it became more hilarious when I realized they were serious. Moreover almost one quarter of the House and about 10 percent of the Senate has publicly signed on to it.

In spite of the fact that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken it off her social media after it became publicly humiliating and sent one of her minions out to try to tell everyone it never existed, you can still find it out there and really need to read it. You cannot make this stuff up. The smartest thing Republicans could do is let this clueless woman and her gaggle of fellow brainwashed socialist clones along with their supporters go out and show the rest of America what happens when the equally clueless people of those Congressional Districts try to vote themselves free stuff.

These people have all but come right out and said they want to make this country socialist. And they are trying their best to separate socialism from the dumpster fire-train wreck of a country called Venezuela. If you want to derail their rant about how good socialism would be for this country just say “Venezuela” and watch them start babbling, drooling, stuttering, trying get back on message. It can be very funny to watch.

Republican Party, don’t screw this up. You are being handed back the majority in the House, maybe even bigger than before. It could also mean pickups in the Senate and locking down the White House for another 4 years.  Just sit back, take notes and start planning your campaign ads based on the material being given you. And keep in mind that with all this President Trump will be making at least one more appointment to the Supreme Court during his second term.

Let these nationalist socialists and their 21stCentury version of the Brown Shirts, the Antifa thugs, do your campaigning for you. Real, true, right thinking American people will realize they need to repeat the 2016 election and again rouse the sleeping giant to do the right thing and metaphorically slap these clowns down.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall