Democrats Unable To Win With Ideas

Dear Editor,

Some Democrats can be so self-serving and care not at all about “the people.”  The North Carolina Supremes have ruled on districts that our legislators tried to establish in accordance with the last set of guidelines given them, then suits came out of the woodwork claiming them to be “unfair.”  I guess it depends what unfair is to some who want districts skewed in the direction of Democrats.  Then, of course, the judges, all of whom are impartial, manage to vote, once again, along party lines and require a do-over.  Never mind that they gave no additional guidance, just that they didn’t like what was produced, and then set a due by date so near term that everyone must scramble.  

For about 100 years we had skewed districts, but finally the people prevailed in spite of the “unfair” districts.  But Democrats, unable to win with ideas, and accustomed to having an unfair edge, then attempt to establish through the courts the goals they cannot actually win at the ballot box.  In this case, a three-judge panel had ruled the districts, perhaps a bit unbalanced, to be as close as those produced by the Dems in the past.  The time for us to vote is being delayed again and some in the black community are unhappy that a good number of their folks are voting for Republicans, because they are tired of unfulfilled promises.

At the very beginning of this missive I pointed out that I am referring to “some” of those who simply cannot see the greater good.  North Carolina entered the COVID-19 era in very good financial shape, were able to help some needy folks and not having to raise taxes to do it.  Does anyone think the libs would have had the vision of rainy day preparedness?  Just look at some of our governor’s attempts to add debt for a few of his pet issues.  Thank the Lord for Republicans.

Regarding our county commissioners chair stating he would rely on health officials.  Why?  They have yet to be right on anything.  There is now a huge amount of information regarding the usefulness of masks, the efficacy of vaccines and the course of action one should take at the outset of contracting COVID.  We have counties, side by side, having taken different paths toward dealing with the disease, and we have the results of those differences.  We have states where different tactics were employed and the results are in.  But we are going to follow the science.  The Chinese flu is here, just as the annual flu season is here and we should begin to see the reality that we cannot shut down any longer.  China has, either intentionally or accidently, come close to bankrupting our great nation and initially  we didn’t know any better, but now we should.  I pray that our God will help us.     

Rich Carrera