New Virus Needs A Name

Dear Editor

I read Scott Yost’s article about the new strain of the virus hitting Guilford County. I’m confused as to what to call it though. Biden banned the term Chinese virus but in the same day referred to the South Africa virus and the British virus. I expected more consistency from the president of “unity.” Why don’t they label it “COVID-20” or “COVID- 21?” As for me, I’ll stick with China Virus or Chi-Vi, for short.

Lynn Henson



The Big Five Don’t Want Election Inquiry

Dear Editor,

An estimated 75 million Trump voters want an investigation into alleged voting irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election.  Over 100 members of Congress and over 20 states want that too.  Unfortunately, many current GOP RINOs, all Dems, existing deep state bureaucrats, the fake news media and big tech are not interested. It’s not in their best interest.  

These five horsemen of the apocalypse can’t afford to let the country see what really happened.  Dems don’t want to expose all the things they always do to steal elections.  How would they ever be able to win if dead people, illegal aliens or people voting multiple times is not allowed?  RINO Republicans are comfortable with the status quo because they can sit back in their easy chairs and raise money by complaining about the Democrats.  They don’t do anything because they are too comfortable. The deep state, well they are unelected government employees who don’t care who is in charge because they are going to do whatever they want anytime they want.  Big tech is an important part of the cabal of horsemen because they can censor everyone’s ability to communicate.  Preventing open communication is a key component of the collective plan. Then we come to the media, or should I say one of the most active partners of the rest of the horsemen of the apocalypse.  They see true conservatives as the enemy that must be stopped at all costs.  

I don’t think there are secret meetings, special handshakes, picnics, chanting or costumes.  Each one knows their role in keeping the truth from all Americans and they play their part well.  If one group stumbles a bit, the rest of the cabal steps up their efforts to keep their scheme on track.

One of the benefits of their scheme is to make money – lots of money, tons of money.  Did you ever wonder why any politician of modest means suddenly becomes wealthy once elected?  Just follow the money to learn how that happens. Why on earth would they want to jeopardize their gravy train?  Remember the old image of pigs eating at the public trough.  Well, there you go.  That’s the reason.

I like term limits with no pensions.  Right now, if a congressman (excuse me, Congress person) is elected for just one term, they receive an annual salary of about $175,000 and will receive $175,000 a year as a pension – for life!  Don’t forget about their government funded healthcare system.  I am not talking about the medical plan you might have to pay for.  I am talking about the special, gold platted medical plan that only they receive that is not available to any other American citizen.  I don’t know about you, but I would probably struggle a bit but would find a way to live on that kind of taxpayer funded pension.  Term limits without a pension eliminates all of that.  A Congress person can serve three two-year terms and a senator can serve two six-year terms.  The president and vice president have term limits as do some governors and other elected officials.  So why not members of the House of Representatives and senators?  It is a way to clear out the deadwood and/or incompetent.  Did you see where Diane Feinstein, the 87-year-old Democrat senator from California is running for reelection in 2022?  How about Chuck Grassley, the 87-year-old Republican senator from Iowa?  How about Speaker (in name only) Nancy Pelosi who is 80 years old and has been in office for 34 years?  Don’t know her?  She lives in San Francisco and is the one with a $24,000 freezer stocked with ice cream that costs $10 a pint.  Still don’t remember her?  Well, she is the one caught having her hair done not wearing a mask or social distancing and violating San Francisco and California China virus regulations.  To these people and many more Democrats and Republicans I say, thank you for your service. Next!

It is way past time to sweep all politicians out of office and I don’t care if they are Republicans or Democrats.  Let’s get rid of them all and start over with a new batch.  They can’t be much worse than the bunch in power now.  If some of the new ones turn out to be bums, we can vote them out and try someone else.

Ken Orms



Win With Truth And Light

Dear Editor,

There is an old saying, be careful what you wish for because you’re liable to get it. And that looks like the case with Biden.

In a flurry of the equivalent of imperial edicts, Biden has managed to completely upend a major section of the American economy. In the stroke of a pen, he destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans, created a major point of strife with our neighbors to the north and set into motion ripples that will soon lead to bigger economic issues across the country. If his intention was to destroy the accomplishments of President Trump as quickly as possible, he got at least one thing right.

In addition to this, the true nature of the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo has come into full view. They are going far beyond what has normally happened whenever the White House and Congress changes parties. Given the vitriol coming out of ‘rats in Congress, it sounded more like Stalin’s purge of the USSR when he attained power.

The next two years are going to be interesting. With the help of a handful of RINOs, self-identified RINOs by actions, the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo knows they have the run of things for at least that time period and you can count on them working as hard as possible to enshrine these illegal actions that got them into power and will do everything…everything to ensure things don’t change.

I was once told that hatred was based in fear. The more you fear something, the more you hate it. That sounds a lot like the attitude towards President Trump and his accomplishments. I will be the first to admit that he was far from a perfect president. Yes, he had a level of smugness and to some extent arrogance about him, but that’s what set him apart from 98 percent of the occupants of the swamp. They hated him because he was beholden to no one. In other words, he couldn’t be bought.

Biden is dangerous. He appears to be a loose cannon, but I wonder. I am still convinced he is being manipulated by the ‘rats that are truly in power.

If you are a true American patriot who is concerned about the direction of the next two years, be vigilant. Watch, study, research and most of all, speak out. They win using shadows and deception. We win by using truth and light.

Alan Marshall