Uncle Joe Wants Your Guns

Dear Editor,

If and when Creepy Uncle Joe makes it to the White House, one of his first declared actions is to go after private gun owners. By private gun owners I mean the legal gun owners who have and continue to play by the rules and exercise their God given constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

The progressive, socialist left that makes up the base of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party have all the proper buzz words out there like “assault weapons” and “weapons of war,” yet they won’t give a full and proper definition of these terms because they can’t.

His proposals include a special tax on “weapons of war” and “high capacity magazines” to the tune of $300 a year per weapon and magazine. Also a requirement that said “weapons of war” be registered with the federal government. In other words a national database of who has what. Why would they need that? All of this is the alternative for if he fails to get his “assault weapons ban,” which is his first desire.

He also wants to institute a “federal mandatory buy-back program.” Again, why? Why are you so afraid of owning weapons?

And by the way, when I refer to Bunker Joe I’m including his soon to be replacement Harris in all this. In fact, I will not be surprised if she is placed in charge of all this since the majority of these proposals are hers.

One of the first actions taken by any government wanting to exert more control over its people is to round up all the weapons and disarm the general public. Yes, I know, MW and the rest of his ilk are now hysterically screaming “conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory!” All I will say is look at history. When I say that, I mean real history, not the {National Socialist} Democratic Party rewritten version.

They have already made it known they want to alter the rights we enjoy under the First Amendment. They want to be able to ban “hate speech,” again without a definition of what that is. And if the First Amendment falls, the battle is half over in their favor. The Second Amendment is our firewall.

An extended version of this letter listing other Biden/Harris proposals for taking away our God given right can be seen at alanscorner.blog. Please check it out.

God save the Republic

Alan Marshall