Take a Gun To a Knife Fight


Dear Editor,

When is a coup not a coup? When you do what the (National Socialist) Democrats are doing which is trying to stick a candle in a cow patty and serve it up as a gourmet meal.

In my opinion they should impeach the President and allow this to go to the Senate where (hopefully) Republicans would give the ‘rats a taste of their own medicine by slanting the rules exactly like they did. Call Schiff, the “whistleblower,” both Bidens, Nadler, and all the witnesses they used and grill them like a cheese sandwich.

And don’t give us this “we must show we are better than them” bull. They showed up with a knife so we counter with a gun. This is about the survival of our Republic and our country. No quarter, no prisoners. In fact, when the vote is called for I would love to see the Republicans as a body stand up and walk out of the chamber, calling on any Democrat who agrees with them to accompany them. We know it’s going to happen but why participate. I’m willing to bet donations would come in like a tsunami.

When you add this attempted overthrow of a legitimately elected President, by what are in essence spoiled brat children (led by the biggest crybaby of all, the Hildabeast) to the way the bedrock of any civilization, the rule of law, is being used as kindling for the fire to burn the Constitution, everybody should be not just worried, but preparing to defend themselves from the barbarians not at the gates but instead are roaming among us with impunity.

DAs and AGs across the country, elected by socialist, leftist, progressive, FOREIGN money are decriminalizing almost everything, refusing to punish lawbreakers, opening the jails and prisons in the name of “social justice and equality” and allowing two-legged animals and degenerates to roam among us while telling us we will be locked up if we dare defend ourselves, our families and loved ones, and our hard earned possessions.

Wake up sheeple. We sheepdogs may be too busy defending us and ours to assist you. The Left has learned well from their Chinese communist masters on how to use incrementalism. Marx and Lenin would be proud of Always Overly-Confused and her coven.

I took the Oath and stand by it. It had no expiration date.

Go Galt and Save the Republic

Alan Marshall