Democrat Spending Is Out Of Control

Dear Editor,

Let’s do a quick review of how the Democrat controlled Greensboro City Council, the Democrat controlled Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the County School Board are spending your taxes.

The school board had almost $1 million dollars left in the bank at the end of September.  Did they spend it students?  Of course not.  They handed out bonuses to all of their employees. 

Voters recently approved a $300 million bond but that was not enough, according to Skip Alston and the Democrats who control the county board.  Now they want to borrow $2.66 billion (including $760 million in interest) for the schools.

Greensboro Mayor Vaughan and the Democrat controlled City Council want to borrow $50 million for housing.  The city rejected $250,000 of free federal money but gave away $80,000 to a developer to upgrade his landscaping.

You simply can’t make this stuff up.  This was all reported in local newspapers.

You voted to put Democrats in charge so don’t complain when your taxes increase to pay for all this new debt.  Democrats waste money and raise taxes.  Republicans control expenses and lower your taxes.  Next election, throw out Democrats.  Vote for Republicans.

Ken Orms