Byrd Weighs In On Sheriff’s Department Firings

Dear Editor,

First, I am running for Guilford County sheriff to bring professional leadership to the sheriff’s office. 

I spent over half of my life as a deputy sheriff with this office, working for three different sheriffs – my last 20 years for Sheriff BJ Barnes. I was hired as a detention officer, and through my 30-year career I filled the ranks of a detective sergeant for 9 years, an operations lieutenant for 3 years, and my last 10 years as a captain, commanding four different divisions before retiring in 2014.

I watched the sheriff’s office grow to one of the most professional sheriff’s offices in the state, only to watch the leadership destroy a solid agency. 

Ed Melvin assisted and supported Danny Rogers being elected. He stood beside him and took his oath. He knew, or should have known, Danny Roger’s character and lack of abilities to lead such a complex agency before accepting this high level position. Ed Melvin stayed for one month and was the chief deputy during the firing of more than 20 employees – period.

If Ed Melvin suggests he was caught completely off guard and had no knowledge of Danny Roger’s plans, this speaks volumes to me.

I personally do not think voters will buy this statement. We are at a point right now, we must have proven leadership, not excuses. 

Phil Byrd

Republican Candidate for Sheriff