Not Buying COVID As Leading Cause Of Death

Dear Editor,

I just read an interesting article related to COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

“As the mortality rate from COVID-19 continues to climb nationwide, researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University state in a new JAMA editorial that the virus has emerged as the leading cause of death in the U.S. — killing more than 3,000 Americans a day.”

Three thousand deaths a day. I’m not a math wiz but even I can work a calculator. That figures out to 1,095,000 deaths a year. Really? 1.1 million a year? Not buying it.

The article is claiming that COVID-19 is now the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., more than heart disease. That could only happen if you are reporting the cause of death as COVID-19 just because the person had COVID when they died, regardless of their heath history. In Colorado, two of five people categorized as COVID deaths actually died of gunshot wounds. There are other such cases reported in other states. A study looking at causes of death showed other causes such as heart attack, etc., have dropped while death from COVID has gone up. Hmmmm, isn’t that a coincidence. I wonder if the monetary incentive for each reported COVID death has anything to do with it.

Now that a vaccine is available, the race card is being played. The CDC has published guidelines saying the elderly shouldn’t be next after healthcare workers because too many of them are white. It should go to “essential workers” next because they are more racially balanced. And the CDC isn’t the only one saying this. The New York Times says the same thing, along with other “experts”.

This whole thing reinforces my and other people’s belief that the supposed leaders of our society don’t give a pitcher of warm spit about the average person. They sit in their ivory towers and watch the conflicts they create like they’re some form of gladiatorial games being staged for their amusement.

This is the world you get when your population is sheeple, not people.

Alan Marshall



Schools Dispose Of Excess Million

Dear Editor,

Well, our second disaster in just weeks, the resignation of our outstanding county manager, just after our short-sighted voters allowed the Board of Commissioners to go to the Democrats.  I hope all the citizens in Guilford County are ready to cut household expenses to be able to allocate the taxes we are inevitably going to pay.  

I don’t think the picture of Guilford County Schools could possibly be presented any more clearly than this week.  I have been known to say on numerous occasions, if we gave the schools exactly what they asked for, they would be back the next week for more.  They had a million left over and took care of that anomaly faster than a speeding bullet.

Rich Carrera