Money For Parking But Not For Police

Dear Editor,

Today I read that our astute leaders are prepared to float yet another bond issue to build a parking garage, and yet, they refuse to give additional fund to our fine police department while requesting them to do more and more, even though the are short handed.

I know, the citizens of Greensboro would not have to pay for this bond issue, if passed, for sometime down the road.  With so many businesses closing and folks our of jobs due to COVID-19, where do they think the repayment money will come from when the bond comes due?

Please help me to understand why a parking garage is more important than police protection for the citizens.  Are the parking fees that substantial that they alone will repay the bond?  I certainly don’t believe that.

I certainly hope and pray that a lot more thinking goes into this issue and more reconsideration to providing extra funds to GPD.

Bob Grabasky



What A Biden Administration Has To Offer

Dear Editor,

So what’s in store for America if/when Sleepy Uncle Joe is anointed president? Let’s look at some headlines that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about.

“Kamala Harris calls for honoring Sandy Hook victims with gun control on 8th anniversary of school massacre”:  This one has been discussed before. Harris/Biden has published their intentions to do everything they can, legal and illegal, to disarm the American people. An armed populace is very difficult to control. Every Marxist/socialist/communist knows this.

“Abraham Lincoln HS in San Francisco may get renamed…”: The (National Socialist) Democrat Party, now being led by Harris/Biden, is doing their best to rewrite history by purging anything that will remind the American people of their roots and how they got where they are up to this point.  We must be made more malleable for our Lords and Ladies.

“Transgender activist says all children should be put on puberty blockers until they can decide their gender”: According to them, parents are incapable of making proper decisions on how to raise their children. They need to be cut out of the process completely. The state will take care of them.

 “House Democrat urges Pelosi to punish, retaliate against Republicans who supported Texas SCOTUS lawsuit”: All resistance must be crushed, even if it means going so far as to not seating Republican representatives that dared to stand up against them. They don’t care if these people are elected by the people to represent them, they are rebels and must be crushed to show the peons who’s boss. They will decide who “represents” you.

“Migrant caravan heads for US, where immigrants hope to exploit Biden’s reversal of Trump policies”:Borders? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders. Borders are racist as is anyone who demands them. In fact, to make it right, let’s just give anyone here who was not born here citizenship. They deserve it.

Does anyone want to make a bet that we will soon see a Harris/Biden version of Mein Kampf (same story, just a different name) and that it will become mandatory reading and study in all government run indoctrination centers (public schools) and then quickly followed by the few remaining, soon to be dissolved, private schools?

I can hear the left’s flying monkeys now. “Are you implying Democrats are equivalent to Nazis?”

No … I’m flat out saying it! If you can, so can I!  Deal with it!

Alan Marshall



Dr. Jill Biden Versus Dr. Rand Paul

Dear Editor,

Joe Biden’s wife Jill earned a doctorate in education (EdD).  Doctorate degrees are not easy.  They take a lot of sacrifice to achieve.  Dr. Jill Biden earned the right to be called doctor.  She should be proud.

Several commentators have criticized journalists using the title.  These individuals have been criticized for criticizing title.  One critic was fired.  Despite my general disagreement with the criticism of journalists using the title doctor, it is a discussion worth having.  The title can be confusing.  As an example, if a PhD is introduced as doctor in a hospital, workers will automatically assume the person is a physician.  However, if the person is introduced as doctor in a physiology lab, they will assume the same individual is a PhD in a biological science. In the end most doctors are understanding.  There are few doctors, of any discipline, that would be angry if the title isn’t used.

In another real life example, Sen. Rand Paul was famously at odds with Dr. Fauci in a hearing.  The senator was portrayed as ignorant by many in mainstream media.  Rand Paul is a board certified physician.  Under the circumstances, it would have been appropriate for mainstream media to use the title and address Sen. Paul as Dr. Paul.  Both titles are correct.  However, by ignoring his title, media was able to paint the senator physician as politically biased and out of touch.  He was not.  The interaction did not demonstrate conservative ideological bias risking population health.  It demonstrated ongoing legitimate disagreement within the medical field.  It also demonstrated biased reporting.  The senators professional title was completely worthy to report and purposely ignored.

In the end, we live in a democracy with constitutional rights.  We all have the right to communicate disagreement.

Alan Burke



Many Unmet Needs In Greensboro

Dear Editor

We have so many needs here in Greensboro and very little help. I see the needs for the basic things in life like food, jobs, shelter, a place to call home, health care and the list goes on. The homeless age ranges from young adults to the elderly. A lack of programs that are really making a difference. The love and willingness of wanting to help make a difference has long gone here in Greensboro. It’s so much killing and hatred. Get some things in place to help those that others frown upon. All these churches and Christians we should be able to overcome the sinners and win them over in love.  Lord help us all do better in Jesus name. Amen 

Sharon Garrison