Insane COVID Restrictions For Events

Dear Editor,

I was appalled to read proof of COVID-19 vaccine or negative COVID-19 test were required for attending a holiday movie screening at the Carolina Theater. I was even more astounded the same was required at the Annual Running of the Balls in Sunset Hills! Have some event planners gone insane?

Allow me to break down the insanity in our current world. Movies on the big screen at the large Carolina Theater are a joy to attend.  I’ve always preferred some space between me and other viewers (virus or no virus) so the distancing thing is covered there. (Hopefully the theater police aren’t measuring distances with sticks as they are doing outside in Germany currently.) Moviegoers don’t normally mill around the building as grocery store shoppers do, but thankfully I can wear a mask while shopping if I choose. But for the Carolina Theater to forgo mask suggestions and require an invasive test or an invasive injection before attending a classic movie in a large theater is insane.

In the running scenario, racing a 5k is typically done outside. The Christmas balls in Sunset Hills are outside. Studies (before Omicron) have shown transmission of COVID- outside is highly unlikely. Runners could choose to wear masks while exercising, but if they are that concerned, I doubt they would be involved in distance running in the first place.  But why not give someone the option of masking and call it good rather than limiting participants in such a fun and festive annual tradition?

In both cases, what about those of us who have fully recovered from COVID, which studies have shown gives better quality immunity? I’ll save my rant about being disenfranchised in that regard for the future. What about those vaccinated who can still get and therefor spread the virus but a negative test is waived for them? Insanity strikes again.

Thankfully, I was able to attend the Festival of Lights along with a large turnout of celebrants. I was very grateful the city did not mandate such asinine requirements to walk the downtown streets while enjoying beautiful sights and sounds of the Christmas season.

I pray the grocery store will not start requiring a proof of vaccine or a negative test before buying fresh and healthy foods.

Lynn Henson