Animalistic Lawlessness Is On Its Way Here

Dear Editor,

Has anyone wondered why we aren’t seeing the level of animalistic lawlessness that started in California and New York City and is spreading very quickly?

Once again I’m seeing the majority of sheeple sitting in their homes, wringing their hands, and going “tsk-tsk, someone needs to do something.” And someone did. The mayor of Chicago came out and publicly blamed the victims for not having enough security in their shops.

After I retired from the military I spent about 25to 30 years in various areas of private security, so I sort of know what’s going on.

All the “experts” (read professional politicians) have stampeded for the mics to demand retailers hire more security. OK, sounds good, except for one thing. Aside from providing another spectator to crime, what are they supposed to do? Frequently, security officers and their employers are sued when they try to stop (not deter, there is a difference) the criminal. Try to take action to stop and/or apprehend the thief and end up being sued and losing in court, or getting hurt or worse, being killed, all for $10 dollars an hour. And if you happen to be one of those lucky (?) enough to be armed you are told in no uncertain terms not to draw your weapon, let alone use it. And why are they there? Because the first question the insurance weenies ask is, “Did you have security on site”

Too many times you are told that your mere presence is enough to deter the lawless animals.


There was a time when that was true, before bleeding heart liberals took over the courts. Now the perp is there to not only get stuff, but to see how much more they can legally get from the people they ripped off, assuming they are even caught and brought to court.

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing it around here. And when we do, I’m willing to bet it will be the same as everywhere else.

There is a solution but the bleeding heart liberals will not let it happen. How dare we punish people for committing crimes! Not only don’t punish them but give them compensation for the hell you put them through by stopping and arresting them.

I love my American flag but my Gadsden flag is moving up quick.

Carpe diem, ya’ll.

Alan Marshall