When You’re Dead, You’re Dead

Dear Editor,

As we continue sloughing through these challenging times with the coronavirus delta variants raging and with far too many still refusing to be vaccinated, I offer the following to those putting themselves and others in harm’s way:

When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead.  The pain is only felt by others.  The same thing is true when you’re stupid.

Bob Kollar



Thanks To Performing Artists

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to lift voices of performing artists – the whole sha-bang!

Musicians, actors, directors, backstage crew, audio and light technicians, front office administration, film crew, play writers, editors, consultants, portrait artists, pastel artists, magicians, gymnastic-aerialists, costumers, prop technicians, comedic artists, stunt people, vocalists and singers, business office, stage managers, production coordinators, makeup and hair design, marketing/communication and set builders/design.

I may have missed one or two but charge it to my head and not my heart.

Have a deep love for all of you. Your passion exudes most professions. Your commitment has a follow through button on speed dial. Your love for the game of performance makes it happen.

Now that the pandemic is easing some, in spite of pockets of prolonged turmoil in certain places, may we remain hopeful to return to our first love.

The love to create for people and ease their struggles for a moment – through artistry. May we share a laugh, a beautiful duet, an aesthetic musical composition, a dramatic tear jerking scene – our hearts.

I salute all of you. Most of all, I salute our patrons who make it happen; by being there for us in person, spirit and deed of support. You reciprocate by showing love/gratitude for our craft. We as artists are humbled and collectively thank you.

Awesome is as what awesome does. We undoubtedly have continued love for our artistry. Hope to see all soon while standing in the wings!

Ubuntu, “I am, because we are.”

Donald Miller
Artistic Director
Drama is Life Productions Inc.