‘Peaceful Protestors’ With Guns

Dear Editor,

I knew this kind of thing was inevitably going to happen when I started seeing these roving bands of vandals, thugs, miscreants, oh, for the benefit of the those that worship at the shrine of the mainstream liars, “peaceful protesters” wandering the streets armed and taking opportunities to try to look tough by taking threatening stances and squaring off against unarmed citizens and armored (I’m still chuckling at those morons) police vehicles.

Now we have two people killed and one wounded, shot by one of these street animals. All you left leaning supporters that get your panties in a wad when you see people openly carrying their weapons at marches; notice they don’t brandish them in a threatening manner. You don’t see them squaring off against unarmed people, blocking their way home or squaring off against police. I don’t include the couple that was being threatened by a mob.

Of course, the left leaning, gun hating/fearing liberals will totally ignore all the points I just made to try to use this as another reason for taking away people’s guns.

I am not advocating turning our streets into something out of Tombstone or Dodge City. What I am saying that the very people that get the vapors when they see people on the right properly, safely and, most importantly, legally carrying their firearms. I would also point out there is a video of one of these “peaceful protesters” putting a gun in the face of a camera crew covering the riots, but I haven’t seen anything about that from the mainstream liars.

Again, (National Socialist) Democrat governors and mayors carry a major portion of the responsibility for this madness. They stood and continue to stand by, wringing their hands, whining about the unrest, and telling their law enforcement officers and officials not to do their job or “you might make them madder.” They only care about trying to show the mob how woke they are instead of defending and protecting the hard working, tax paying business owners and citizens of their cities and towns.

The contrast is obvious yet ignored by the left and those that choose to wear blinders and earplugs hoping if they ignore it hoping it will go away.

There are sheep who cower before the wolves, and then there are sheepdogs that stand before the wolves. I count myself among the sheepdogs – and I have rabies.

Alan Marshall