Democratic Septic Tank

Dear Editor,

I was once again immersing myself in the overflowing septic tank known as the Democrat Party Platform. Let the sewers begin overflowing.

“We will make energy efficiency upgrades for millions of low-income households, affordable housing units, and public housing units in metropolitan and rural areas to save families money on their energy bills and provide safe and healthy homes. And Democrats will leverage existing programs, including at USDA, to build more affordable, accessible housing and retrofit existing housing in rural areas.”

Sounds noble but there’s a couple of overlooked issues here. First, where will the money come from? Second, there are these pesky things called local zoning laws and ordinances, so how is the federal government going to build anything – unless they overrule those local laws and ordinances. What they are saying is they will build what they want where they want and to heck with you and your concerns, you’re just a racist, homophobe, bigot. What’s that called again? Oh yeah, government overreach. Once again the (National Socialist) Democrat Party is wiping their feet on the Constitution. See the 10th Amendment.

“We will make sure the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.”

Blah, blah, blah. This overused, tired line is the same red meat they always throw out, but never do. Why? Because they’re not going to do that to themselves.

“Corporate tax rates, which were cut sharply by the 2017 Republican tax cut, must be raised, and “trickle-down” tax cuts must be rejected. Estate taxes should also be raised back to the historical norm.”

Let’s see, corporate tax rates went down and businesses started hiring, moved back into the U.S., gave raises and bonuses. Regular people had more money in their pocket. “The wealthy” in the high tax states have to “pay their fair share in taxes” and the high tax (‘rat run. I might point out) state governors went not because wealthy people started fleeing. And as for estate taxes, you do understand that they are taxing money and property that has already been taxed before. Talk about a scam.

If you read the document, it’s a socialists dream. When I referred to it as a septic tank I was being polite, because I’m not allowed to use the actual word for what goes into a septic tank. And if you watched that indescribable dumpster fire called a convention all you heard is we are all racists.

Alan Marshall