No MSM Coverage Of 5-Year-Old Being Murdered

Dear Editor,

I am about to put a blowtorch to exposed nerves and I dare any of you whiny, leftist, liberal, social justice whiners to try to justify your inevitable name calling, referring to me as a racist for the words I’m about to use.

A black man came out of his home, walked into the street and shot, execution style, a 5-year-old white child in the head in front of his 8- and 9-year-old sisters then, like the cowardly animal that he is, ran back into his house to hide.

But what makes this even more sick, more despicable, more disgusting is the fact that the slime in the MSM ignored it until other news outlets gave it the coverage it required. They did this because it did not fit in their agenda. It was a black man that shot a white child. Had the roles been reversed they would have been camping out on his front yard with helicopters in the air, chasing down his family members, his neighbors, anyone who even might have known him looking for dirt. The coverage would have been wall to wall. Celebrities would have been tripping over themselves to beat their breasts and rend their garments on camera blaming white racism and privilege. We would have known what this guy had for breakfast for the last 20 years. Conservative news outlets and commentators would have been blamed for this guy’s actions.

Where are the mobs of protestors and rioters? In spite of what this piece of scum did, there won’t be the level of condemnation there should be because people are afraid of being called racist.

Let’s see, any time now we’ll be hearing about his hard life as a child, the lack of opportunities he had, his drug/alcohol/mental (take your pick) problems. He will suddenly have developed issues that make his actions not his fault.

In my opinion he needs to receive a fair, open and speedy trial and when (yes, I said when) he is found guilty he needs to be given his last rights and executed. And I don’t mean 20 years from now.

Oh, and by the way, MW and the rest like him, I would be advocating for the exact same treatment if he were white. The actions this animal took goes beyond skin color. It goes to a lack of soul.

Alan Marshall