State Of Emergency Can’t Last Forever

Dear Editor,

Since March 10, North Carolina has been in a state of emergency due to COVID-19 as declared in an executive order written by Gov. Roy Cooper. By declaring a state of emergency, the governor has been issued sweeping powers by the NC Constitution that effectively sidesteps the legislature and suspends other laws and regulations. This step is necessary to enable quick response to temporary situations such as hurricanes, floods, riots, etc. (It would take the legislature a few weeks to have a special session to deal with legislation and funding to deal with these issues.) 

North Carolina’s citizens have been living for almost five months under the governor’s declaration of a state of emergency. When does a “state of emergency” become the “new normal” and the legislature resumes their role in managing the state’s business? Has Gov. Cooper produced a plan for how/when he intends to end this state of emergency?

As long as the rate of transmission (RT) ( is less than 1.0, the virus will effectively stop spreading. NC has had a RT of less than 1.0 since mid-June. This good performance shows people are taking appropriate steps (protecting vulnerable populations, wearing a mask in public, social distancing and rigorous hand washing). As long as people continue to be vigilant in these steps to prevent the virus spread, the economy can safely open back up.

Doug Bartow



Voting By Mail Will Destroy America

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their leftist, Marxist/communist, social justice whining, mind-numbed zombie minions along with the graduates from the Goebbels school of journalism are well into their attempt to “fundamentally transform the United States” (remember that one from Dear Leader?) by attacking one of the major, major pillars of our republic, that being the right, the privilege, the duty to vote.

This whole notion of voting by mail is so incredibly stupid, wrong and a petri dish for a level of fraud and abuse that could, no WILL have consequences that can only lead to a requirement for drastic actions to put this country back on the path of individual freedom that was hard won and maintained by the blood, sweat, and tears of men and women over the existence of this great country.

It’s obvious that the anti-liberty, anti-freedom, power hungry forces on the left are making a full court press to consolidate complete and unending control of the government, the country and the American people for the purpose of creating their idea of a utopian society that’ll benefit them and their lackeys and enslave the rest of us.

Under this cockamamie concept, illegal aliens, non-citizens, unregistered people, children, cats, dogs, parakeets and the dead will be able to vote. And if there’s a chance the vote won’t go their way, they’ll have the ability to MAKE it go their way. And once they have control of the House, the Senate and the White House, there’ll never be Republican/conservative majority in the government on any level again without drastic actions. The United States as we now know it will be “fundamentally transformed” into a socialist banana republic-like country.

We’ve seen and experienced the problems with the postal service, and in everyday situations the problems experienced, for the most part, are not on the level they would be when you are talking about something as life altering as the election of people who have power over your way of life. There are many examples of large amounts of mail being lost or intentionally disposed of. There is one recent example of a letter carrier intentionally manipulating a large number of mail-in ballots, not absentee ballots, but mail-in ballots like what is being proposed. But according to the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, that never happened.

Remember, it’s never voter fraud if it benefits the left.

Alan Marshall



Biden/Harris Ticket Has Some Questions To Answer

Dear Editor,

Sen. Kamala Harris’ selection as VP appears a strong choice. However, her debut created several issues.

First, Biden’s primary victory path left several suspicious unanswered controversies. Remember, President Trump was impeached for requesting a separate, impartial country investigate potentially unethical/illegal relationships between the Biden family and several foreign companies. Despite winning South Carolina, the former VP remained in a poor position compared to opponents. Several last minute withdrawals left many Democrat voters frustrated. The candidates that withdrew outperformed Biden in diverse geographic and socioeconomic sectors.

Several primary opponents stated that they withdrew so that a Democrat could win the presidency. However, why was Biden chosen and not the others who withdrew? Why were the other opponents asked to withdraw and not Biden? Why not allow primary voters decide? The two issues together, the impeachment for an investigation request as well as the puzzling resignation of stronger positioned opponents, is curious. Sen. Harris was also a presidential primary opponent. Sen. Harris’ selection risks moderate voters being reminded of these controversies. The better she performs compared to the former VP, the more anger risked among the extremist base. The extreme base and moderate voters may question why she was not the head of the ticket if she performs better.

Second, Sen. Harris highlighted a long list of negative COVID-19 outcomes in her first speech. This is a gamble. If voters blame the president for these results, her ticket benefits. If voters blame COVID-19, with our understanding of presidential power limitations, she risks appearing to obstruct government for political gain. This makes the ticket appear as political opportunist welcoming or even promoting calamity. Blaming the president for COVID-19 is a huge political gamble.

Unless the Biden/Harris campaign addresses these issues, voters may connect the above dots in unflattering ways. Biden received a lot of backroom support despite legitimate concerns that both Sen. Harris and President Trump were not granted.

Alan Burke