Get With The Program

Dear Editor,

Why can’t we just follow the science? 

Masks and the plastic shields everywhere are among the most useless items in existence.  Feel good response to COVID is not what we needed and remains in that category. 

The vaccine works, we know that as factual information and by way of encouraging our sheeple to get the shot(s), those refusing to receive it should not be permitted in restaurants, theaters or public places in general.  Simply look at the numbers, 99+ percent of new cases are not vaccinated.

This is like being back in the Marine Corps where mass punishment is how teamwork is established. We referred to those as the 10 percent who never get the word.  I am tired of suffering these restrictions because some people refuse to get with the program.  With the current administration enjoying their foot on our necks and local officials following in their footsteps, we will never get on top of the problem. 

Someday there has to be an advantage for those who care enough about their fellow men and women to get the vaccine, beyond protecting their own lives.  By mandating a “hunker down” response we are encouraging those who have decided to go about spreading the disease because they are the problem.  

I am not a totally devoted Sen. Rand Paul fan, but he is absolutely correct on this one, we are listening to the wrong “experts.”

Rich Carrera