Defunding For All

Dear Editor,

The “Defund the Police” movement is still going strong, only they have figured out their politicians are not too keen on the title. It turns people off, so they change the name to “redistribute the funding.” They just won’t say where the funds to “redistribute” come from, even though everyone knows. So, with that in mind, I have a proposal. One that will make those politicians put their money where their mouths are, or at least show them to be the hypocrites they are. (Like I really have to try to do that.)

Someone needs to propose legislation eliminating the taxpayer-funded personal protection details for all public officials from the congressional level down. If they want personal protection it will have to be at their personal expense. Additionally, they will be levied a special 2 percent tax on their salaries that is to be earmarked for “redistribution.” Also all these “nonprofit” organizations that advocate for this “redistribution” will be required to immediately cease all salaries being paid to anyone in their organization and the money reallocated for “redistribution.” An annual audit by the IRS will be required to maintain their nonprofit status and failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of that status.

I say, if they want to play with our lives and safety they have to have some skin in the game. Their lives and families are no more important than ours, despite what they might think of themselves. Let’s see how long these stupid ideas last when they are in the crosshairs with the rest of us. This needs to be the first in a series of actions by us, the regular American people, to regain control of an out-of-control situation.

Defunding the police, doing away with bonds, ignoring the law and releasing convicted criminals for “humanitarian reasons” are incredibly stupid decisions made by incredibly stupid people that aren’t worried about it because they are immune to the results and were put into these positions of power by voters, some of whom voted the way they were told to vote.

You’ve heard the saying those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. So, with that in mind …

Vive les Etats-Unis!

Vive la liberte!

Let’s see how many of you can figure out what I’m referring to.

Alan Marshall


Bad President

Dear Editor,

The president of the United States is void of compassion, lacks a moral compass and has little interest in protecting the American people from a variety of threats.  Here are a just a few of many examples:

  • No national plan to deter the spread of COVID-19 that has led to the soaring death count; ended funding to states for virus testing and ordered the National Institutes of Health to cancel its testing.  When questioned about the spread of this disease, he said, “It is what it is” and “It will disappear on its own.”
  • Weakening the Affordable Care Act at a time when the vulnerable among us have great need.
  • Inviting foreign governments to interfere with our election process to aid in his reelection efforts.
  • Taking no action against Russia for offering bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers.
  • Separating children from their parents at the border with Mexico with no plan to reunite them.
  • Using the power of the presidency to intercede in legal matters, including pardoning convicted felons.

Donald Trump is destroying our country and undermining our democracy with the aid of Senate Republicans who refuse to call him out and curb his abuse of power.  This will all end badly unless we act.

Bob Kollar