Let’s Be Nice

Dear Editor,

In these difficult times in politics and in society, the art of listening and compromise have almost become lost arts.  We, and our elected officials, far too often have our own agendas and ideas and care little about the opinions of others.

To move forward in a more positive manner, we need to have the meaningful and difficult conversations that lead to the most effective ways to solve problems and resolve conflicts; and in the process always respecting the views of others when disagreements arise which they surely will.  And if we are moved to attack the position someone takes, always do so being careful to never denigrate the person.  We should never avoid difficult exchanges, because there’s much to learn from those who hold views that differ from our own.  It’s vital that we don’t allow anything or anyone keep us from working with others to achieve goals that will benefit all.  The challenge is to find the common ground to develop a shared vision, values and opportunities.

And always remember what it is you believe and why you believe it; and never allow anyone else to control how you think, act or feel.

Bob Kollar


Government Salaries?

Dear Editor,

Every year you list the salaries of govt. and teachers.  Are you going to do that this year?  Thanks

Mitchell Townsend

Editor’s Note: Because of our new format we will not be listing the salaries for city, county and school employees this year.


Impeach Trump

Dear Editor,

More than a hundred members of Congress now support opening an impeachment inquiry. That number has grown daily since Mueller testified before Congress.

For anyone who missed it, Mueller made it clear that he did NOT exonerate Trump. Not in his report, and not in his testimony. His investigation found damning criminal activity and has already led to 37 indictments, and at least 7 guilty pleas or convictions. Mueller said his investigation uncovered over 100 secret communications between the Trump campaign and Russia or people working with Russia, and at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice.

Obstruction of justice is a crime, plain and simple.

During Mueller’s testimony, Representative Ted Lieu asked: “The reason you did not indict Donald Trump was is because of an OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting representative, correct?” Mueller responded: “That is correct.” If anyone else did what Trump did, they’d be in jail.

I want to see Congress take action to hold Trump accountable. Trump should abide by the same standards as any other American.

No one is above the law in our country, especially not the president. That’s why I’m calling on our representative and the rest of Congress to open a formal impeachment inquiry now.

Virginia Phillips


Impeach Trump II

Dear Editor,

Perhaps our complacency helped bring this upon us. We have long taken our citizenship for granted. We have looked away from our responsibilities. Hopefully, this is our wake up call, and we will unite to move our country forward.

After Mueller’s testimony, it’s never been more clear to me: it’s time for Congress to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. It’s time to put all the evidence out there for the American people. It’s time to hold Trump accountable.

No more excuses. No more delays.

The Mueller investigation found extensive criminal activity committed by Trump and his team. It resulted in 37 indictments and at least seven convictions or guilty pleas, uncovered over 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Trump himself, and revealed over 100 secret meetings and communications between his campaign and Russian and their cronies.

If any other American had obstructed justice as flagrantly as the president has, they’d be going to jail.

Congress needs to step up now, because doing nothing will only embolden Trump to trample over our democratic norms and to keep breaking the law. Doing nothing sets a dangerous precedent for future presidents.

For all of these reasons, it’s time for our representative and the rest of Congress to take action to hold Trump accountable by opening a formal impeachment inquiry now!

Michael C Corley