Still Waiting for Assault Weapon Definition

Dear Editor,

I’m still waiting for someone to give me the definition of an “assault weapon.” What is it? Describe it. You hear the overwhelming number of people including, surprisingly and unfortunately, Republican and conservative news commentators use the term. Again I ask…what is an assault weapon?

You also hear them call them “military weapons” and “weapons of war”. Those are lies. They are not “military weapons” or “weapons of war.” These rifles are stripped down, NON-AUTOMATIC civilian versions used for hunting, sports shooting and self/home defense. Similar in appearance but different in function. And now a Republican has signed on to the National Socialist (Democrat) party’s call for a “assault weapon ban”! Again…define what an assault weapon is. And I don’t mean based on appearance, which is what the last ban was based on.

In addition to “assault weapons” they will also be putting restrictions on magazine capacity. The 50, 75, 100 round drum magazines are, in my experience and opinion, for people with a Rambo complex. Anyone with experience will tell you that those items can be a detriment because the weight of all that ammo can cause a weapon to jam due to feed problems. You can expect the cost of magazines to skyrocket as well as ammunition as this moves forward.

At least two National Socialist (Democrat) candidates have advocated “national mandatory gun buyback programs” a la Australia. In other words, they want to tear up the Constitution and tell you what rights THEY will let you have. Does all this sound familiar?

They know fully well true Americans will not surrender even one of their God given rights without a fight. This is exactly what they want. There is no real emergency so they’ll create one. They will still have their armed security around them but will leave you to your own devices without anything to defend yourself against the scum who will still have their weapons.

Added to all this the news is talking about California’s newly passed and signed “Stephon Clark’s Law.” The legislation tightens rules for when police officers can fire on suspects. It was bad enough when Dems started advocating not arresting lawbreakers at all and releasing people from prison.

For some reason they seem to be smelling blood in the water and are gathering for a feeding frenzy on our rights. Beware.

Go Galt and Save the Republic

Alan Marshall