Next Protected Minority Group

Dear Editor,

The ability to invent a minority group, protected from opposition, is dangerous to democracy.  This is why the bill of rights was created. If you wish to create a protection, amend the constitution.  When civil rights laws were passed, they were never intended to reward a political base for support. The EEOC was not intended to indoctrinate philosophy.  Civil rights commissions, appointed by politicians, protected from voters, were not intended to invent new protected groups.

The reaction to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh proved that if one party can abuse a process, so can others.  If liberals can convince judges to abuse legislation, so can conservatives. What could be the next protected minority?

How about fetuses?  We have seen gender equality laws abused to reward liberal voting base.  Making fetuses a protected minority group will balance these scales. Age discrimination can be used to grant minority protection to fetuses.  After all, we agree that age discrimination is entirely unacceptable. If liberals can claim “living constitution” ideology to invent interpretations for personal political beliefs, conservatives should be allowed the same right.  We can say that in today’s technological world where fetuses are operated on, being a fetus is different than it used to be. Therefore, fetuses are protected under age discrimination law.

Nothing denies dignity more than legally sanctioned murder.  Judging a fetus subhuman, essential to allowing abortion, is undignified.  Voting results in a democracy were deemed incorrect because judges disagreed.  Elected officials refused to defend the will of the electorate due to claimed higher ethics.  Conservatives can then boycott all donations and support to abortion advocates as discrimination.  All discussion of support for abortion can be attacked as hate speech. Internet companies can then ban all discussion since it is against standards of conduct.  This will allow the EEOC to punish all environments deemed discriminatory for allowing abortion supporters to disagree. The EEOC can force companies to teach pro fetal ideology during approved education.  Protections have been extended to supporters. The EEOC can force abortion rights groups to hire fetal advocates. Prolife organizations can claim to be civil rights groups and issue report cards. Supporters can “encourage” Hollywood to have at least one unborn individual “represented” in each project and create movies depicting their plight.

Whether you agree or not, we should not be able to create out own minorities.

Alan Burke


Bypassing The Constitution

Dear Editor,

Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.

Have you heard about this one? It is an attempt by the National Socialist party, liberals, SJW, leftists and a batch of RINOs to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and get the office of President to become a popular vote decision instead of a Constitutional one. I must admit this is very well thought out and I wonder who is financing it.

This is a compact between a number of states whose Electoral College votes would total 270, the number to win the Presidency. Whatever candidate wins the popular vote would be automatically awarded all the electoral votes in each of the states regardless of who won the vote within that state. In other words, if NC were to join the compact and during the election Trump won the popular vote in the state, under the Compact whoever won the national popular vote would automatically get the 15 electoral votes from NC, thus disenfranchising the voters of NC.

So far, the Compact has garnered 14 states whose electoral votes totaling 184. They need to get another 86 or more electoral votes in order to put this thing into effect.

Here is the truly terrifying part. This does not violate the Constitution. The states, by the Constitution, can conduct their elections and allocate their electoral votes however they want. The only way this can be stopped is by people getting involved and making it known to their “elected representatives” that they will not tolerate this flagrant violation of our rights.

Remember that population drives the number of representatives in each state, and the census determines population numbers. This is why the leftist, socialist, liberal Democrats are hell bent on making sure illegals are included in the census.

Add to this the recent vote in the House to allow states permit non-citizens to vote in local elections. You can bet if they could get away with it, they would have done the same for Federal as well. Moreover, they are now advocating lowering the voting age to 16. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because they’ve managed to brainwash most of them in government run schools at that age.

They’re winning folks, make no mistake. The price of freedom is, among other things, vigilance and taking action when necessary.

Go Galt and save the Republic (literally)

Alan Marshall




Spanking Ban Not Enough

Dear Editor,

The NC House of Representatives has done the right thing by voting to ban spanking in public schools. I hope that the NC Senate  and the Governor support this ban as well. Unfortunately they did not go far enough. I think that spanking should be banned everywhere statewide. Adults shouldn’t hit, slap. beat, spank, or whip children.

Chuck Mann