The Problem With Not Prosecuting Criminals

Dear Editor,

More and more we are hearing about elected or appointed DAs and some judges deciding that they are going to quit prosecuting misdemeanors and some felonies mostly for ‘social justice’ reasons. Therefore, that raises the question what happens when the average citizen gets sick and tired of being a victim of these parasites (the criminals, not the DAs). Are they going to receive the same deferred prosecution as their attackers? Or, because they are ‘people of means’ (doesn’t matter how minimal those means are) are they going to be held to a different standard and be fined and/or jailed for resisting and defending themselves, their families and their hard earned property?

Anybody with a modicum of common sense (a rare commodity these days) can see that by refusing to do their job and violating their oaths of office, that being defending and obeying the Constitution (state and federal), and enforcing and administering the law, these social justice warriors are setting up their jurisdictions to become crime/free fire zones. People will quickly get tired of repeatedly being victims and do what they have to do to restore peace and justice to their areas even if it means vigilantism.

That will come about because law enforcement officers, tired of picking up the same scum over and over only to have them back on the street before they can even complete a report, will throw up their hands, quit, and move on to places where they get to do their jobs and actually see results, leaving the law abiding citizens to deal with the problem the only way they know how.

Oh, wait…that’s what the Nationalist (Democrat) Socialist Party wants. They want society to break down and become that sort of thing so that they have the ‘legitimate’ justification to step in to “restore order” (“order” by their definition) and make the changes they want “for the safety and peace of everyone”.

“You don’t need guns to defend yourself now, we have everything under control. And while we’re at it, you need to trade in that gas-guzzler for a nice “green” electric car. Oh and while you’re at it, home schooling is no longer allowed. Send your children to the public indoctrination institution for proper brainwa…I mean education.”

George Soros, your money is buying some very obedient, malleable public prosecutors.


Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall