Dangerous TDS Epidemic Infecting Country

Dear Editor,

There is a huge push to require vaccinations because of the measles and mumps outbreaks taking place. As to the source, I will leave that to another time.

What does really concern me though is how everyone is ignoring the truly dangerous epidemic that has permeated this country, that being Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Ground zero for this debilitating disease is easily traced to the Swamp and Patient Zero is easily identified, the Hildabeast.

This sickness established itself and spread with alarming speed, causing rabies like symptoms to appear including foaming at the mouth, mindless ranting, uncontrollable rage and violence, and a single minded obsession to overturn a legally elected president by any means possible. It also causes those infected to seek out a camera and/or microphone at every opportunity in order to allow them to demonstrate how badly the disease has destroyed their ability to think and act like rational human beings. It creates a pack mentality that causes people to become mindless drones incapable of independent thought or action. A side effect of the disease is that it creates an overwhelming desire to force others who are immune to it to act as if they are contaminated.

The only known cure for this insidious sickness is a healthy dose of truth and reality along with isolating the infected from sources of recontamination such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. These are two well-known breeding grounds for reinfection.

Studies have proven that people grounded in reality, having conservative values, a desire to see America strong and vibrant, and most of all immersed in common sense, decency, and patriotism, and a sense of fair play are naturally immune to TDS. Of course, there are a few isolated exceptions.

A side effect of TDS is a rampant progressive socialism that has a tendency to create violent, anti-American attitudes. This side effect is most prevalent on college campuses and otherinstitutions of higher learning.It is also spread by the same sources as TDS, that being CNN, MSNBC and their ilk.

Another interesting symptom of TDS is the victims’ inability to see thatthey are hypocritical in their words and deeds. They accuse the uninfected of being fascists and haters and destroyers while rampaging about destroying property, assaulting anyone who disagrees with them, and attempting to silence voices who disagree.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall