George Floyd Verdict

Dear Editor,

I am not a lawyer.  However, like you, I have been forced to be a juror in the court of public opinion by biased actors in a case of international importance.  I have tried to remain objective.  This wasn’t easy.  Biased media was manipulative.  I recommend everyone watch recently released police body cam videos.  They answer many questions.  They also pose other important questions. 

The video demonstrates that several factors from many individuals contributed to George Floyd’s death.  Actions of the police, Mr. Floyd, bystanders and EMT’s increased likelihood of this horrific result.  This was not as simple of a case as the original video and biased reporting claimed.  However, in the end, Officer Chauvin made one serious error.  He failed to followup when a trainee notified him of an absent pulse.  If Officer Chauvin didn’t trust the trainee’s competence, he should have either checked the pulse himself or began chest compressions immediately.

I agree with a guilty verdict.  However, the framing has been manipulated to advance political agendas.  In reality, an innocent verdict wouldn’t prove the country is racist or not racist.  A guilty verdict also wouldn’t prove the country is racist or not racist.  Biased politicians and media would have used either verdict as proof of “systemic racism.”  If found not guilty, biased actors would claim the verdict proves the “system is broken” by racism, which must be corrected. 

Since the officer was found guilty, we will now hear how the jury agreed that this was a racist act that must be corrected.  There has been no indication race was a factor in this case.  Deciding guilt or innocence of any individual based on any race, ignoring evidence is, by definition, racist.  That includes the crime of being racist. 

Nonbiased media would have equally reported deaths in police custody of all racial groups.  However, we only see African-American deaths.  Based on the numbers, media should have reported twice as many Caucasian deaths in police custody as the African-American deaths that were reported.  Biased media is intentionally filtering coverage to manipulate public opinion.  True lessons, from a systems perspective, will not be learned.

Alan Burke