Greensboro Should Follow Eden’s Lead

Dear Editor,

Eden Police Operation “Glass House” leads to the arrest of 21 drug dealers! This is what aggressive law enforcement is all about. Please take note Greensboro city leaders.

In addition to Eden’s success to combat crime, Greensboro City Leaders could also learn from Winston-Salem’s Police Department’s initiative to link commercial and private security camera’s to their website.

Winston-Salem instantly arrested an individual that shot a child this week. This is a wonderful answer to combat crime in Greensboro. If there is any consideration whatsoever of installing shots fired towers at $100,000 per square mile, as proposed, it would be obvious our city is run by idiots?

Have you ever heard gun shots fired outside your house or in your neighborhood? I guarantee when anybody hears gun shots fired in their vicinity, the 911 call center lights up like a Christmas tree.

Jim Donaldson



Use National Guard On The Border

Dear Editor,

The situation on the southern border has gone from a bad situation prior to Biden assuming power to a complete out-of-control circus. The stories that are coming out should scare every American regardless of where you live.

What the mainstream media is not talking about is the number of illegal aliens that are coming over the border has exploded. They use the children as decoys knowing most everyone’s attention would be focused on them, allowing non-minors to slip in. The sizes of the groups that are being detained seem to be larger than ever. And what doesn’t help is the number of border agents being pulled away from patrol duties and having to assist in providing care to the illegals in custody, a number growing daily. The other thing not fully known is the ratio of those caught versus those that get away. One thing you can be sure of is those not caught are much higher.

One possible action that can be taken is for the governors of the border states to activate their National Guard to provide the needed manpower that can augment and assist the border agents. Border agents act under their authority while having the guard troops as the additional assistance needed acting under the agent’s control.

Another aspect of this situation is the number of non-Central American illegal aliens that are showing up. According to the government’s own numbers this category is raising. And in the current situation of potential terrorist attacks this sort of thing should be right up front and center in the discussion on border security and illegal border crossers. But as we know it will take a terrorist attack that kills and injures a number of Americans before Biden and the feds will take it seriously.

One thing I am curious about is how this change in policy will affect employment numbers. I’m no statistician but I would like to see someone crunch the numbers on how President Trump’s policy on keeping illegals in Mexico while awaiting processing versus allowing them into the country, allowing them to get lost in the masses, then taking jobs from legal American citizens.

I know some people will say I’m anti-immigration and that’s not true. I am anti-illegal immigration. I welcome those that follow our laws. Immigrants are good for any country. Illegal immigrants have the potential for destroying a nation.

Alan Marshall