Deploy Military To Southern Border


Dear Editor,

Democrats in New York blocked a bill for $2.7 million to expand tuition assistance for children of Gold Star families, yet the week prior they provided $27 million for assistance for Dreamers to help achieve “the American dream.” Obviously Democrats hate the military and their dependents. They consider illegals a higher priority than the children of fallen and wounded warriors. The next time you hear a Democrat try to claim they support the military, throw this in their face. Tell them it’s obvious they’ve never met an illegal they didn’t slobber over.

President Trump needs to follow thru with the idea of dumping illegals on sanctuary cities and states. They obviously want them so let’s accommodate them. Careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

The primary purpose of the military is to protect the country. Our county is being invaded by foreign nationals (invasion: An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity. An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.) Therefore the logical thing to do is to deploy the military to the border to defend against this invasion. Also, don’t we have a number of military installations that have been closed and are sitting vacant? These were designed to house large numbers of people. Let’s reopen them, fence them in, and use them to hold these invading hordes while they’re processed.

Deploy the military to the border. Declare a national emergency and institute limited martial law within a narrow range of the southern border, imbed border patrol agents at the platoon and squad level, give the military the authority to effect detentions of illegal invaders crossing the border under the supervision of those agents and place them in these revamped facilities for processing and, in a large majority of the cases, transport back their countries of origin regardless if said country wants them back or not. (C-130s have unimproved landing/take off capability. Just saying)

The number one job of the federal government above all else, is to protect the integrity and safety of the country and the people. The National Socialist party is doing everything it can to prevent this and undermine the will of the people in order to consolidate and maintain power and cement their position as Lords and Ladies over us, what they view as the unwashed masses.

Go Galt and save the Republic,

Alan Marshall


Walker Is A Man Of His Word


Dear Editor,

I like to say that I have always liked Mark Walker, have not seen him in years and I’m probably not good enough for him now but he’s still good people.

The congressman has recently been in the news for being part of a corruption probe, not as a suspect but just part of it. I will say that I will take Mark at his word because he has never lied to me. I’ve never heard him lie to anyone and is a man of his word. I support Mark as a man and as a congressman, I do trust him and so should others.

Sal Leone