Give That Government Largesse Away

Dear Editor,

With the passage of the COVID-19 relief package by Congress that includes $1,200 checks to be distributed to individuals beginning sometime in mid-April, we in Guilford County have an opportunity to do something special by creating an avenue for people to donate their checks to those with greater need.

A thought: gather a cross-section of citizens with expertise in relevant areas—like attorneys, bankers, business and not-for-profit leaders – to establish a fund to receive donated checks from those who don’t have a critical need for this extra money and also to receive additional donations from others who wish to contribute.  This “Help Guilford Fund” could be administered by an organization like Social Services as they are in a position to readily identify the neediest of our citizenry.  Transparency and accountability are vital to the success of this venture and would likely open the door to similar efforts in the future.  Sharing with the public the process and procedures followed would surely build confidence, good will and a sound foundation going forward.

Do we have any takers to launch this project?  I bet so.

Bob Kollar