Traffic Violations Are Crimes

Dear Editor,

Crime rate down in Greensboro?

According to the Rhino Times, GPD police chief reports that although homicides are up in Greensboro, the crime rate is down? Sorry, I am not quite that gullible! The crime reporting site for GPD has been revamped to exclude traffic infractions (I consider those as crimes), and the reporting site also often doesn’t include major crimes. (Is that to defuse the crime rate?)

GPD focuses on homicides, but just as important is to focus on aggravated assaults. An aggravated assault is where someone intended to kill another and failed (in my opinion). Get a grip on crime, city leaders, and quit trying to hide it! Maybe the City Council needs to have another meeting about setting the benchmarks for crime and not disguise it this time.

Jim Donaldson


Archaic Laws Of The Land

Dear Editor,

Right of first refusal? Really. Are we going to start re-learning about how the archaic laws of the land used to be?

Pamela Duff