Swamp Continues to Shock

Dear Editor,

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This old saying is coming more to the fore as more masks are ripped away. To paraphrase a line from my favorite movie, Casablanca, “I’m shocked, shocked to find out this kind of thing going on here!” This would be funny but there are actually people in Washington, DC, that would say that with a straight face.

Left-leaning liberals started this when they trotted out the 40-year-old, currently unsubstantiated accusations against Roy Moore of Alabama. Am I defending him? No, because I have not seen any solid proof one way or the other to decide. Al Franken, on the other hand, provided us with photographic proof of his lewdness.

And John Conyers, all we have to do is file a Freedom of Information Act request to see how someone who accused him of inappropriate behavior can receive a $27,000 “severance” payout and still have to work there.

The left started these actions and they came back to bite them. They started talking about how if Moore is elected they would consider a vote to toss him out of the Senate. If the accusations – and that’s all they are is accusations with no proof – are the grounds for that action then why haven’t they said the same thing about Franken? Oh, I forgot – they’re the ruling class that aren’t allowed to be held to the same standards as us peons.

There’s another aspect of those threats that should be making everyone think long and hard. They (Republicans included) are saying that they have the power and authority to tell the people of Alabama who they can elect to represent their state. In other words, the ruling class allowed their mask to slip and show how they view us as ignorant peasants.

Want another example? “The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has marked up the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act, S. 2010. The bill, sponsored by Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) is actually worse than existing law. It explicitly allows the attorney general to use information collected under Section 702 for domestic crimes that have nothing to do with national security and forbids judicial review of that decision.” (Source: The Hill Nov. 27, 2017)

Hey, Richard, ever hear of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution?

Maybe instead of draining the swamp we should consider burning it out and starting over.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Respond Now for Whole Lot of Nothing

Dear Editor,

I just got another one of those mailers from the “Records Division,” which has nothing to do with records. Also on the envelope is “Second notice/time sensitive, Important Document enclosed.” All this is nothing but hyperbole in order to get you to open the envelope.

Inside is benefit information for North Carolina residents only. I may qualify for a state-regulated program. Benefits for up to $35,000 in affordable life insurance are tax-free for North Carolina residents, as it says. Finally, as a resident of North Carolina, I can get info without cost. All this is true, but it is true of all insurance products available North Carolina – the North Carolina Department of Information regulates all insurance companies doing business in North Carolina. So all this is a whole lot of nothing.

Oh, yeah, it reads that you have to respond within five days. Now that is a lie. They just want you to reply right away before you forget, or change your mind.

If you need insurance, just call your local agent. By state law, rates are not negotiable. Each company’s cost is the same, no matter whom you buy it from. And, no, I am not in the insurance business.

E.R. Harris



Royal Third Cousins

Dear Editor,

I am a supporter of democracy and an opponent of monarchies, imperialism and colonialism. So I would like to point something out.  The media recently reported that Queen Elizabeth of England has been married to her husband, Prince Phillip, for 70 years. For some reason the media doesn’t like to mention that Queen Elizabeth is married to her cousin. They are both related to Queen Victoria who married her cousin as well.

I don’t really care if two consenting adults who are related shack up, but I don’t think that arranged marriages, and forced incest, should be considered requirements for political rule.

I don’t understand why the people of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England don’t want to get rid of the racist, sexist royal family.

Did you know that Catholics, Muslims and Jews are banned from the English throne?  The monarch must be a follower of the Church of England. Forget about any separation of church and state.  And, of course, we will never see a black person on the English throne.

All monarchies should be replaced with democratic republics.

Chuck Mann


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