Barber is Needed

Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage voters in the upcoming Greensboro election to support candidates with broad experience and genuine concern for the total good of the city (as opposed to political expediency). My top choice is Mike Barber, an at-large candidate.

He has served with distinction on both the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and Greensboro City Council and has been a moderating voice for reason and wisdom on what is best for the entire region, whether the issue is economic growth or public safety. He has been especially sensitive to the importance of honesty and integrity (he has both) when it comes to law enforcement.

Greensboro’s government has gone through significant changes in recent years, particularly in the performance and efficiency in the Police Department. He has been a steadying and rational influence in working toward professional approaches to reasoned solutions within that department.

City government in Greensboro also has tilted rather sharply to the political left in the last elections. He has helped keep the tilt within a reasonable balance. His commonsense approach to issues is critically important for continuing this way of governing. Mike Barber’s service needed now more than ever.

Walter A. (Sticky) Burch

Former Guilford County Sheriff



In Support of Kenton

Dear Editor,

Nancy Hoffmann continues to defend her leadership and vote to rezone the property at Friendly Avenue and Hobbs Road. She refuses to acknowledge the legitimate anger that lingers over this issue.  When negotiations took place regarding the Shops at Friendly Center, residents dropped their strong opposition because there was agreement with Starmount Corp. that Hobbs Road would be the boundary for further commercial development.  Hoffmann says no such agreement was put in writing and that may be true.  I believe, however, that elected officials have an obligation to honor “handshake” agreements with neighborhoods.

This wasn’t just a disagreement with district residents; it was a betrayal of trust.  The local attorney for the developer of that property (Atlanta-based Halpern Enterprises) may think that more commercial property on West Friendly Avenue is just what Greensboro needs, but the people who live there clearly do not agree.

I urge people to read the Draft Friendly Avenue Area Plan that Hoffmann brags about.  The plan reflects a view of residential property as untapped opportunities for development rather than as neighborhoods to be valued and protected, as illustrated by the recommendation “for how these new developments could best fit into the existing context of the surrounding neighborhoods.”   Public comments tacked on to the end of the draft plan clearly show that Hoffmann is out of touch with area residents.

A violation of public trust takes place when an elected official advances the desires of special interests instead of the public interest.  All candidates are obligated to give the Board of Elections a list of all the individuals who give money to their campaigns.  Take a look at the parade of developers who bankroll Hoffmann’s campaign and decide if Gary Kenton wouldn’t make a better representative for District 4.  He is an independent voice, beholden only to the people.

Laura R. Linder


Editor’s Note: In the interest of transparency, it seems we should mention that Linder is Gary Kenton’s wife.



Vote Dave Wils

Dear Editor,

A special teacher is worth his or her weight in gold. Most of us have had at least one teacher who we honor throughout our lives. The fortunate among us have had many. Such a teacher is Dave Wils, social studies teacher at Grimsley High School and current candidate for City Council at large.

The skill, dedication, and inborn talent that distinguish exceptional teachers carry over into other areas of life. Abilities to lead, to inspire, to mediate disputes, to bring people together, to discern the difference between what is important and what is not, the vision to see beyond tomorrow into the distant future, these are the qualities of a good teacher. They are also invaluable assets for a city councilman. Vote Dave Wils for City Council at large.

Maureen Parker



Toll of Bergdahl

Dear Editor,

While I am no fan of this guy, I would like to try to clarify something. Mr. Hammer reports today that as many as six Americans lost their lives looking for him. I think the president made a similar statement. My understanding is that three or four soldiers were wounded searching for him (and they are testifying at his sentencing trial), but that no one was killed. I wonder what the truth of this is, and how we can find out. Thanks.

Bill Steed


Editor’s Note: It seems there is some disagreement about how many deaths could be attributed to the search for Bowe Bergdahl. Do you count the deaths of soldiers who were covering for troops out searching? There is some consensus on six deaths.



Davis in High Point

Dear Editor,

I have lived in High Point all my life and I have noticed an unfortunate trend in the governing of our city. It appears that a number of the people who are supposed to be representing us continually ignore the needs of the taxpayers.

There has never been a doubt that Councilwoman Cynthia Davis is a strong advocate for the people. Most of the other representatives are in such a hurry to make sure their own special interests are pushed through without giving the citizens an opportunity for input and consistently refuse to address concerns of regular folks like me – for instance, the constantly rising costs of living in High Point, property taxes, costs of utilities, new and increasing “fees.” Even though she is clearly for growth and revitalization in High Point, I am so proud of Mrs. Davis’ efforts and courage in trying to get answers to important questions about what various projects, including the mammoth stadium project, will cost the city/taxpayers. Her questions have been met with rude and condescending comments by other members of the City Council, including the mayor.

It is obvious that Cynthia Davis does not have a hidden agenda. She is honest, a woman of integrity and faith, and is working hard to establish transparency in a city that at times appears to have forgotten the meaning of that word. At a time when the cost of living in High Point continues to escalate, Cynthia Davis is one of a very few who regularly question how the citizens are going to be affected by city expenditures. If you want a representative who genuinely cares about her constituents and our city, I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Cynthia Davis on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Judy Cranford



Who Colluded?

Dear Editor,

The “who colluded with the Russians” thing has turned 180 degrees on the left. They tried to scream loud and long enough, with the help of their mainstream media lackeys, that nobody would notice it was they who were the actual perpetrators.

The Hildabeast and her minions are now staring down the barrel of something they cannot buy, bribe or coerce to go away. If I were that informant, I would be very concerned about accidently shooting myself and ending up in a park in DC somewhere. I would be digging a hole, crawling in and pulling the hole in behind me.

There are two things the American people need to be watching closely and be constantly demanding answers to while this threat unfolds. One is, who will be the special prosecutor on this case. Not will there be, but who will it be. The second is the level of punishment that will be doled out when it’s over. If those responsible don’t end up under a jail somewhere then there should never be a question in the mind of the average American that there is a ruling class in this country that operate under standards different then what we the peasants are held to.

If the Clintons and the DNC get away with this, or at least escape (again) with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, that will be the sign that our constitutional republic has become a fascist regime with a figurehead “representative” façade.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

I don’t expect social justice whiners and other snowflakes to recognize the source of these words. Real Americans who care about this country will.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Not for Hoffmann

Dear Editor,

Why Hoffmann? The endorsement of Hoffmann by the attorney and commercial real estate broker, both of whom she cooperated with to extend commercial zoning west of Hobbs that was opposed by hundreds of District 4 residents, lacks credibility unless one favors commercial zoning in one’s neighborhood or expects consideration first of constituents. Only five residents of Hobbs landing, all adjacent to the rezoning, agreed not to oppose, not “Hobbs Landing” as claimed by the attorney. Hoffmann maintained a public stance, “I want all the info and then I will decide,” and gave a 10-minute prepared speech when she voted yes. Hobbs rezoning was not “transitional,” it was a breach of a natural barrier, Hobbs, to extending commercial zoning west into residential neighborhoods. Margaret Moffett‘s article in the News & Record on candidates fundraising provides insight; more important would have been the source of funds? Equally important are the sources of public endorsements – developers and entrenched interests who favor commercial development over preservation of neighborhoods. Hoffmann has refused a tax neutral rate after revaluation, which is a tax increase, voted a doubling of term and salary plus optional lifetime medical benefits, and sponsored the Friendly Corridor Study, a thinly veiled excuse for further commercial creep west.

Jerry Weston



Pleasant Garden Endorsements

Dear Editor,

Having served as chairman of the Pleasant Garden Recreation Board for four years and currently finishing a four-year term on the Town Council, I urge the voters of Pleasant Garden to reelect Carla Strickland for mayor and to elect Dean Maddox and Jamie Lockhart to the Town Council.

Ms. Strickland has demonstrated outstanding leadership and has done an exceptional job in enhancing our town in her three terms as mayor. She took the initiative to secure the first grants ever received by Pleasant Garden for various projects, such as the Howard Coble Greenway, and to provide money for a bicycle-pedestrian plan that will result in safer usage of improved area roads for our children and adult citizens. Mayor Strickland also worked diligently to help acquire a $250,000 Part F grant from the state that is resulting in the addition of two playgrounds, large and small dog parks, an 18-hole tournament disc golf course, senior citizen exercise stations on an enhanced nature trail, horse shoe, bocce ball and shuffleboard courts. She also headed the town’s effort in the acquisition of the Pleasant Garden Community Center, which has already seen the fruits of numerous improvements. Our community also has enhanced nuisance and noise ordinances under her tenure.

Dean Maddox has been one of Pleasant Garden’s hardest working volunteers. In his tenure as chairman of the Recreation Board, Dean has lead the growth of our Independence Celebration/Amerifest, Veterans Appreciation Ceremony, Christmas Parade, 5K Run and Pet Day. He was also instrumental in developing numerous partnerships with businesses and civic organizations throughout Southeast Guildford County, which now come to Pleasant Garden with ideas for expanded events such as the Southeast Guilford High School Jazz Band performance – which will be a bi-annual event due to the great public response received from their first concert.

Jamie Lockhart, a 38-year resident of Pleasant Garden, has served several terms as president of the Pleasant Garden Lions Club. He was also president of the Board of Directors of the Pleasant Garden Fire Department. He has continuously demonstrated the desire to enhance our community.

Carla Strickland, Dean Maddox and Jamie Lockhart share a common vision to help Pleasant Garden continue the achievements of the current Town Council and are the best qualified to make our community the best place to live in this part of the state. They deserve your vote.

Steven Brandt



Re-elect Davis

Dear Editor,

Cynthia Davis is by far the best qualified candidate for High Point City Council at large.   During her first term in office, she has demonstrated true nonpartisanship when voting on issues that come before the council. When presented an issue that raises many questions and has incomplete information she researches to find answers to her concerns. Verification of all the facts of an issue is her priority. She serves to protect the interests of the majority of High Point citizens, not the interests of special groups or a political action committee (PAC).   As proven by her voting record, she is not a one-issue candidate and will not simply vote just to go along and get along.

Councilwoman Davis has one vote as a councilmember. She alone cannot prevent any issue from being approved. Yet her concern for High Point and its citizens is portrayed as a threat to the success of a multi-use stadium. She has been persecuted for being a watchdog and simply doing her job. No one has considered that the issues Ms. Davis has raised concerning the stadium could possibly make the project avoid pitfalls.

Citizens need public servants that put their constituents above themselves

and all others. As a council at-large member, Ms. Davis has faithfully exemplified this quality.

Re-electing Cynthia Davis to the council at large will insure all citizens a voice in the governance of High Point.

Jimmy Morgan


Send to or 216 W. Market St., Greensboro 27408